A medical practitioner, Alagbe Oyedeji, on Tuesday narrated to a Lagos State Special Offences Court how a 37-year-old commercial motorcyclist, Emmanuel Igboko, allegedly drugged and molested his 12-year-old daughter.

Igboko is standing trial before Justice Sybril Nwaka on the charge of sexual assault by penetration.

According to reports, the suspect and the mother of his children separated in 2016 and he took custody of the children. Shortly after his children moved in with him at his residence, No. 35 Akewusola Street in the Oworonshoki area of Lagos State, he began to sleep with his daughter. The little girl informed one of her teachers of her ordeal and the matter was reported to the Ketu police station.

While being led in evidence by the prosecution counsel, A. O. Alagbe, the doctor, who works at the Department of Family Medicine, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, said the forensic examination conducted on the victim indicated that the vaginal entrance was hyperemic (showing redness). Oyedeji, who also consults for the Mirabel Centre, noted that the medical examination showed that the anal opening of the victim was loose.

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“The victim’s ordeal started in 2016 after she and her sibling moved in with their father after their parents had separated. The father came home from work one day and told her that he heard rumours that she was no longer a virgin and that he wanted to examine her by inserting his fingers into her vagina and using his penis to test her virginity.

“He asked her to undress but she was reluctant. When she refused, he beat her and further subjected her to torture. He, however, became nice later and every night after he returned from work, he would give her soft drink and then she would fall asleep and he would have his way.

“It was her constant sleeping in school that drew the attention of her teacher, who asked her what happened and she narrated her ordeal to the teacher, who initially didn’t do anything about it.

“The experience persisted until she got to a new class and the new teacher asked from the former teacher what had happened to the victim. The new teacher had to take it up and the case was reported at the Ketu Police Station.

The father was arrested and the victim was taken to a non-governmental organisation. Upon physical examination from head to toe, there were significant findings on her laps. She had multiple linear pattern bruises, which she said she sustained from being beaten with a cane by her father.

“Upon systemic examination of the victim’s vagina, it was discovered that her vagina was hyperemic (showing redness). Her urethra was also reddened.

“I also discovered that her anal opening (anus) was loosened. There were also areas of laceration around the vagina and thighs. The injuries she sustained on her vagina and thighs showed recent and previous forceful penetration.”

Justice Nwaka adjourned the matter till April 3rd for the continuation of trial.

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