The former chairman of the house of representatives committee on appropriations, Abdulmumin Jibrin, claims that the speaker, Yakubu Dogara, desperately begged the north-east caucus of the lower chamber for forgiveness over his alleged role in padding the 2016 budget.

Addressing journalists on Tuesday, Jibrin insisted that the 2016 budget was greatly tempered with by Dogara and he was not even aware of the fraud.

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Jibrin said: “When a grievous allegation in this nature is raised, there are laid-down rules to investigate such issue; it should not be investigated internally,” he said.

“The speaker should step down for proper investigation. Nobody is hunting him, but he should step down for a committee to do its work and investigate the issue.

“The speaker begged us that we should forgive him. He also begged for the principal officers. He said that the House should forget what happened in the 2016 budget. But Hon. Sani  Zoro told the speaker that the house will forgive him, but we have to accompany him to beg Nigerians.

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“When he was begging, you could see the desperation on his face that he does not want to leave the seat. He loves the position of a speaker so much.

“My question to him is; did he connive with the principal officers to steal the N40 billion? There are so many frauds in the budget that I did not even know until now. The speaker took four projects to his farm, including a fielder road.”

In reacting to the claim by Jibrin, the house spokesman, Abdulrazak Namdas, said all that was alleged by Jibrin are false.

“The speaker decided to meet with leaders of all caucuses to discuss the way forward on the current recession and the way forward when the house resumes,” Namdas explained.

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“The allegation the speaker begged for forgiveness and members of northwest caucus passed a  vote of no confidence on the chief whip Ado-Doguwa is not in any way true. That the meeting was done in a bad light is not true as well.

“Abdulmumin has made these allegations before, he has not said anything new. For him to allege that the car is meant  to bribe members is not true. He has raised an issue, so he should allow those people in charge do their job,” he asserted.



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