Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, has revealed she is a victim of Female Genital Mutilation and she is not shy to talk about it.

While speaking in an interview with International Business Times, she said her sexual life and mental health were affected after she was mutilated as a child.

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According to her, the grave act was committed on her at age five when a  family member took she and her sister to meet a man who placed them on his lap and “then cut part of our vagina and the clitoral area off.

There was no anaesthetic and a sharp razor blade was used. I remember my sister and I screaming afterwards,” she said. Adding, “We went home bleeding. Deep down, mom was not happy for some reason.

She revealed that after years of resentment towards her mother, she finally confronted her in 2012. “She burst into tears telling me that our late paternal grandma ordered my dad to have us do it.

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“It was a cultural barbaric act used to decrease the female libido. It caused me post-traumatic stress disorder for life. I don’t experience orgasm during sex and when I tried to promote the use of sex toys among Nigerian women, men started attacking me saying I was discouraging African women ‘from the real thing.” “Sex is not important. I have no libido or urge to have sex and I’ve been celibate for 10 years. Millions of women in Nigeria go through this, but they cannot talk or be outspoken like me. It is shameful and a disgrace to them.


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