Easy ways to lose the belly fat accumulated from all the holiday feasting


We all that festivity and feasting are inseparable. There’s usually a lot of eating during the holidays. Hence it comes as no surprise that people gain weight by the turn of the year. So if you gained a little weight over the holiday season, we’re not judging you, here are some ways to lose the belly fat.

Kick that after-dinner snack habit – recuperate and watch the belly disappear

Stop eating after dinner. No desserts (especially sugars), no supper, no midnight snacks. Allow your body system time to recuperate. If you are constantly eating, the body is constantly trying to digest the food you consume, and there is not much time for your body system to rest. In the same way that our muscles and bodies recover from plenty of rest, wouldn’t it hold that our digestive system would benefit from an occasional break from food? Typically, 16 hours of no food intake (also known as fasting), and an 8-hour compressed eating window when you can simply eat however much you want (but avoid sugars!) is ideal. It is not about how much, but how often you eat. This type of diet is called intermittent fasting. Do not confuse this with starving yourself.

Resistance (weights) training – more muscles, higher metabolic rate

Resistance or weights training is pretty straight-forward – the main goal is to increase muscle mass and overload capacity. Many ladies steer away from resistance training due to the misconception that resistance training will result in “bulking up” or getting too big in body size. The truth is, females, do not have the same amount of testosterone males have, a hormone that is essential to getting those huge, bulky muscles. “Bulking up” is the least of our worries!

Muscles boost metabolic rate, which is the number of calories your body burns by itself in a day with minimal activity. Hence, the more muscles you have in your body, the more fats you burn in a day! That also means it’s not just going to be ‘losing fats’, but getting a better-toned body. Time to move some weights, ladies, because they aren’t going to move!

Fitness get-togethers – group motivation

Know some friends who are also trying to lose that belly fat? Arrange a fitness get-together with them for a simple run, or join group fitness classes to meet like-minded people, who are also motivated to achieve a healthy body, and you will be surprised how much group motivation will help you throughout your journey!

Don’t count the calories – count the sugars and carbohydrates

Consuming food high in sugars and carbohydrates (complex sugar) increases the blood glucose level in our bodies, resulting in a spike in insulin level as the body’s reflex reaction to regulate/maintain the glucose level in the blood. In short, eating foods high in sugars and carbs will switch on the fat-storing mode in your body, and you will find that it is almost impossible to get rid of the belly fat!

Cut down, as much as possible, the overly-sweet foods, sugary drinks, and carbohydrate-rich foods such as rice, bread, potatoes, beans, cereals, ‘whole-grains’, and the common snacks such as biscuits and energy drinks.

Not only will the body burn fats more quickly and efficiently when you start counting the sugars and carbohydrates, but a low-sugar diet also has numerous long-term health benefits! Diet and workout go hand-in-hand if you want to see and feel results fast.

Consistency is key – It’s a lifestyle

To see AND feel the fats melt away, as well as the progressions and improvements your body will achieve, it takes effort AND consistency. No one can wake up one day after a couple of workout sessions and find a flat tummy right away. Keep your workout sessions consistent – keep up a regular exercise schedule of 2-3 times a week – and you will start noticing the positive impact that regular exercise has on your body.


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