Eddie Hall sets new world record

Where are those guys who like to think they are strong???

Eddie Hall popularly known as ‘The Beast’ has set a new world record for deadlifting. He is now officially known as a Professional strong man.

The World Deadlift Championships took place on Saturday at Headingley Stadium in Leeds with several contestants, including: Terry Holland, Hafthor Julius Biornsson and Eddie himself. The former Mechanic from Newcastle became the star of the day as he broke his own world record by deadlifting 1,020lb at the contest.

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The deadlift is a powerlifting exercise, where competitors lift a loaded barbell off the ground and hold it in position in front of their hips. After an allotted amount of time, the bar is lowered in a controlled manner.

Eddie only became a professional in 2010, and by March last year, he lifted almost 73 stone at the Arnold Sports Festival in Australia. That record impressed the weightlifting world and this new achievement looks like he is close to lifting a Ton.


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