Effective exercises you can start doing RIGHT NOW!


One of the things busy women need to do is to exercise regularly. Not necessarily to go to the gym or an exercise class every day, but simply to get up and move for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 or 6 days a week* – walking, jogging, dancing, lifting weights or doing easy exercises at home.

Here are 4 easy exercises you can do almost anywhere, using a few minutes here and there that even the busiest woman can find in her schedule:

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Posture check and maintenance

Don’t just focus on your back and shoulders, but also tighten and engage your core muscles, which are critical to good posture.  It may feel very awkward at first – it did for me!  Spend a few minutes several times each day aligning and then maintaining your posture.

Kegel exercise

The pelvic floor muscle, which supports the organs of the urinary and reproductive systems, can stretch and weaken during pregnancy and childbirth.  This can lead to incontinence, bladder or uterine prolapse, and possibly reduced sexual response.  Kegel exercises, which involve a simple squeezing/holding action that contracts and strengthens this muscle, can help prevent these problems. Get into the habit of doing Kegels several times a day.  You can do them anywhere – while standing, sitting or lying down – quickly, easily and discreetly.

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Get into the habit of taking a few minutes, 3 0r 4 days a week, for push-ups.  If you’re doing them for the first time, start with modified push-ups.  As you get stronger, add some traditional push-ups.


What push-ups do for your upper body, squats do for your lower body –  provide a lot of muscle toning for a modest amount of effort.  In addition, it’s easy to squeeze squats into a busy schedule several times a week.


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