See why I’m careful where I chook my mouth?? Me I cannot afford to be sued. But our public office holders too should save us the trouble of nosing around and just declare their assets once for all so everybody can move on to other gist.
There have been many rumours in the past few days as regards assets belonging to Kaduna State Governor Mallam Nasir El-rufai. The rumours soon became headlines for the Union Newspapers who claimed they pursued the rumour vigorously till they discovered Mallam El-Rufai has assets worth N90b especially 40 mansions in Abuja.

Some of their reporters claimed to have made contact with the governor’s media team insisting that they respond to the rumour but were told to take a more legitimate route of agitating for a public asset declaration.
Mallam El-Rufai has not publicly declared his assets so these claims can’t be immediately verified. He has however directed his legal team to enforce his rights to protect his reputation.



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