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This month of November, DD Fitness celebrates with its fans and gives away tips on how to enjoy the thanksgiving without the calorie guilt. Thanksgiving here only once a year, so why not indulge! none the less, you do not have to ruin your weight loss program. DD Fitness is saying you can satisfy your cravings for homemade traditional recipes without the extra love handles popping out.

Fitness Advice

  1. To erase the guilt and create the space for filling up prepare your body for the extra calorie coming burning up more than usual every day calories to buildup a good deficiency ahead of the celebration.
  2. With food, keep the quality up and the quantity down! this ensures you do not break down but rather you are sure not to exceed your current weight even after the feast.
  3. Take plenty of water, this keeps your digestive tract flushed and enhances detox before and after the celebration.

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