Enugu Anglican Bishop bans revealing dresses at weddings



Hmmm…  If you are a member of the Anglican Church, you might want to double check that expensive wedding gown or masterpiece aso-ebi you are planning to wear to your next wedding. We heard that wearing revealing dresses  to weddings is now unacceptable in the Anglican Archdiocese of Enugu.

According to reports, the Archbishop of the Archdiocese, Most Reverend Emmanuel Chukwuma, disclosed that the church has officially banned wearing sleeveless and revealing dresses to church weddings, reception and it service, in other to return moral chastity on persons, especially women who attend such functions in the church.

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He also directed priests and senior clergymen to henceforth inspect wedding gowns and approve them before the solemnization of weddings as using veils to cover sleeveless wedding dresses would not be allowed again in Anglican churches in Enugu.

“I have directed ushers and wardens in various churches in Enugu to ensure that no sleeveless-dressed girl, lady or women enters into the church under any guise. Whether it is the church wedding, reception or any other program celebrated in the church or within the church premises, it will not be allowed. We will collaborate with the governors’ wives to organize seminars and workshops for fashion designers in the zone for them to join this campaign,” he allegedly said

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He lastly said that this conclusion was reached in other to curb indecent dressing which would help to check sexual harassment and provocation, which lead to prostitution and rape in the society.

I concur!!! Biko, wedding day is not for indiscriminate cleavage or thigh display. Don’t blind us o!


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