He that beats the drum for the madman to dance is no better than the madman himself.

African proverb


Our nationalistic fervour was recently rekindled when we heard that president Donald Trump of America had addressed African countries as shitholes. How dare he we went? How dare he? Then our leaders started a flurry of meaningless activity by calling the US ambassadors to their various countries to come and explain the statement.

What explanation did you want? He said the countries were shitholes. Why did I say meaningless activity, because after all the noise it was business as usual. We didn’t hear that any US embassy was closed neither did we get any official apology from the US on the matter. Yes, back to business as usual.

My first reaction really was, “what is wrong with what he said”? are the countries not shitholes. One of my friends responded by “No, he shouldn’t have said that. He had no right to say it”.

Okay before you start shouting for my skin, let’s examine this statement. The first question is “what is a shithole”

So below are definitions of shitholes

“A really bad place or building, especially somewhere undesirable to live or work.

e.g, You can only judge a shithole by the turds that pass through it.” –

“A horrible city in which to live, work or party”

“A locale in which shittiness prevails and there is absolutely no redeeming quality.”

And finally

“Noun referring to any impoverished foreign country in which crime, graft, and corruption are modus operandi.”

do any of the above sound familiar?


Following the above definitions, I wonder why people are upset by Trump’s statement. I mean every day, we are either addressing our countries by these nouns or we have our leaders announcing to the world that they run shitholes.

Africans should sit up and stop being petty. The rest of the world actually regards Africa as a shithole and treats it as such, the only difference is that finally there is someone who is bold enough to speak the mind of everyone.

What was Obama’s policy towards Africa – Nigeria in particular? He never visited us while he was in office, didn’t give us equipment to fight Boko Haram and fought countries willing to give us weapons. Everything he did towards Africa and Nigeria, in particular, was indicative of what he thought of us. He only came short of saying it.

Or have we forgotten how our own current president described his people internationally as a nation of criminals aka shitholes? Guys, let’s call a spade a spade. In 2016, Nigeria was the 13th largest producer of crude oil yet we import oil from countries with lower production and reserves. Even upon that, we still have fuel queues. Despite billions of dollars spent on power, we still can’t guarantee 24hrs of electricity.

Look at the state of our schools, our infrastructure and the lives of the average Nigerian. How many people do you know that would stay if they had visas? The reports from those returnees from Libya would let you know the desperations people go through to try and escape from here.

Sometimes, I wonder what kind of curse we have chosen to live under. We have leaders who have houses in countries where systems work, where the people enjoy better standards and yet they come back here and behave like animals.

Look at the current debate going on in the country. In the 21st century, we are being harassed by people driving cattle up and down the place while other nations have since domesticated theirs. When I see all these, I have no other choice than to agree with the man that indeed these are shitholes !

Our arguments are akin to “yes my child is a fool but I am the only one who has the right to call him a fool”. Aunty, whether you agree or not, your child is a fool!! Not just a fool, the child is a born fool!!. Smell the coffee and wake up. Those days of “we are the world/food for Africa” is passing, people are tired!.

What should we do? I heard an interesting story about MKO. It is said that one day he came home crying to his father because nearby kids had teased him cruelly about his poverty state. His father heard him out and asked him which part of it was a lie, where they not poor? His dad encouraged him that he should use the stigma to get himself out of that state and become something better.

Mthcewwww!! Abeg, go and make your countries better and stop making noise when someone has told you the truth about yourself. We all know these are shitholes. What is the complaint?


abeg enjoy this lovely music, still as truthful today as in 1989


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