God save us from wicked and unreasonable men o. Reports say that a factory where some hoodlums produce counterfeit coke has been discovered. The factory was said to be discovered during a raid by Additional District Collector Gujranwala Rafaqat Ali Niswana along with District Food Authority in Baig Pur, Pakistan on special direction of DCO Gujranwala, Muhammad Aamir Jan.

Fake Coke Factory (6)

Hazardous and dangerous chemicals, food colors and flavors were being used in the factory to manufacture different drinks like Coke, Sprite and Dew. Four persons were arrested and handed over to police and FIR was also lodged against the owners of the fake Coke factory.

Fake Coke Factory (7)

This Fake factory was supplying the fake drinks in different areas of Lahore, Sheikhupora and Gujranwala. Samples were taken and factory sealed.

Fake Coke Factory (1)
Fake Coke Factory (3)

Fake Coke Factory (4)

Fake Coke Factory (5)

Fake Coke Factory (8)

Fake Coke Factory (9)

Fake Coke Factory (10)


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