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The darker the night, the closer it is to morning, goes the good old saying.

Nigeria as a Country is going through some hard times no doubt and the fall of the naira has made it hard for many foreign companies to remain in business.

We have had many of them pack up and leave and who can blame them? After all, they are not charity organizations. But we do need foreign investors and many have played the blame game, pointing fingers at this and that as factors scaring away these much needed foreign investors.

Famous ‘Men in White’ converge in Lagos for an Epoch-Making event

Just when we thought all hope was lost, here comes a foreign investor, one who was invited by nothing but our very dire situation because the limiting factors against foreign investment haven’t changed. So what is the catch?

It is no longer news that Benny Hinn will be in Nigeria this October for a 2-day program tagged, Miracle, healing and Impartation service. But why at this time?

Many of us have been praying for Nigeria, even President Buhari has encouraged everyone to pray for our dear nation yet it is more important to know when God actually answers our prayers.

The foreign investors have started coming back because Pastor Benny Hinn is one, though a spiritual one, and he will not be alone because our very own Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will be ministering with him.

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This is particularly striking because it is Pastors Benny Hinn and Chris Oyakhilome together blessing Nigeria and since all truths are parallel, it means we as Nigerians already have what we need to make any foreign investment work.

These two men in white represent the fact that God blesses men through men; these men who have over the years put aside all personal rewards to see that God’s presence is not lost to us.

While we wait for our economic team to do their thing and bring Nigeria out of recession generally, let us go and receive this spiritual investment to help us as individuals take ourselves out of any kind of recession.


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