This amazing flower coat is all the fashion game changer that you need. It’s bold, beautiful and… the best.

DIY faux flower coat according to the designer:

TOTAL TIME: About 2-3 Hours


Variety Faux Flowers (We used about 150 medium-large blooms plus some smaller fillers)
Hot Glue Gun
Jacket (Preferably collarless)
Scissors and Wire Cutters


  1. Clip a bunch of the medium/large flowers you’ve purchased with wire cutters (or scissors if the stems aren’t wire), about 1/4″ from the bloom.
    2. Start with the back of the coat. Hot glue your largest, favourite blooms sporadically across the back of the coat, saving some for the front a well. Then go back and continue glueing with the additional blooms.
    3. Flip the coat over and repeat on the front and finally on the sleeves.
    4. Once all your big blooms are on and the majority of the coat is covered, go back and fill in any gaps with small buds and blooms until your satisfied with how it looks. Sometimes it’s helpful to put the coat on during this step, as it looks different on than it does flat!



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