FBI about to unlock another iPhone

iPhone needing password. Photo credit: Stockphotos
iPhone needing password. Photo credit: Stockphotos
iPhone needing password. Photo credit: Stockphotos

This is what Apple was saying o. After successfully unlocking the San Bernadino terrorist’s iPhone, the FBI has offered to unlock another iPhone for the police.   Police in Arkansas are looking to unlock an iPhone and iPod belonging to two teenagers accused of killing a couple, according to the Associated Press (AP).

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Prosecutors asked for a delay in the trial of 18-year-old Hunter Drexler on March 28- less than 24 hours after the FBI said it had successfully gained access to an iPhone 5c that San Bernadino terrorist used. The presiding  judge in the case reportedly  agreed to postpone the Arkansas case to allow prosecutors to ask the FBI for help.

“The iPod had just come into our possession a couple of weeks ago,” Faulkner County prosecuting attorney Cody Hilland reportedly said on Wednesday. “Obviously when we heard that [the FBI] had been able to crack that phone we wanted to at least ask and see if they wanted to help.”

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The phone at the heart of the Arkansas case is said to be a later model than the one used by Farook, but is expected to present some of the same access problems.

Hunter Drexler, 18, and Justin Staton, 15, are accused of killing Robert and Patricia Cogdell at their home in Conway, Arkansas last July.
Staton had been raised as a grandson by the Cogdells.

Meanwhile, an attorney for Mr Drexler told the AP he was “not concerned” about any data on the phone.

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The FBI had previously asked Apple to help unlock the San Bernadino terrorist’s  iPhone even suing the multi-billion tech company. However, the company refused, arguing that it would be wrong to compromise the security of one of its devices since that might lead to vulnerabilities in many other iPhones.

Viola! There will now always be an iPhone that needs unlocking. Apple was right afterall.

Source: LAtimes


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