Speaking for the first time, OAP Toke Makinwa talks about her crashed marriage with husband Maje Ayida and the impact it had on her.

The story then was that Toke’s husband had been cheating on her and he finally got the supposed “long time” girlfriend pregnant last year.

toke. photo credit:africanspotlight.com

Their breakup was a hot trending topic on social media at the time. The Rhythm 93.7FM radio presenter, however, kept calm all through the whole drama and said not a word.

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She finally opened up and talked about it in her recent VLOG. She told her fans how bitter she felt about her crashed marriage and said she would want to express it via the medium without leaving any stone unturned.

Toke and husband. photo credit:www.nigeriafilms.com

She also let her fans know that the emotional trauma from the break up was too hard on her and that she’s still trying to put the pieces of her life back together.

According to her, “For those who feel I haven’t spoken about my marriage, you know what happened last year. It is with good reason. I want to talk about it from a rational point and not an emotional stance. Cos it’s tough. If you’ve ever been through a separation, heartbreak or whatever, you know how difficult it is. And this was very public and so I went through a lot of stages and I’m still going through it. I can’t sit here and tell you I’m completely whole or this doesn’t affect me anymore. I still feel somewhat shy, I’m trying to come out of my shell about it. Cos I mean, you share your life with me and I feel it’s a great disservice to not even talk about it.

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So in due time. Just know I’m going through the process & every week I come here I smile, we connect that doesn’t mean I don’t have my own issues. It’s just that I have chosen not to be a victim. I’ve chosen to just rise above it and just keep rising.”

Toke’s marriage to Maje Ayida lasted for  just 18 months before her husband’s secret affair with the said girlfriend (Anita Solomon) who was pregnant as at that time, was discovered.



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