At one time or the other, most of us have sent a text message to someone that we almost immediately wished we hadn’t. It could have been out of anger, ill-advice or in a drunken state, but such messages are usually not excusable.

Thankfully, some smart person has figured out a way to fix such nasty incidents.

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This newly introduced app ‘Privates’ lets users recall a text or picture message before it’s been opened by the recipient. But, of course, you need to download the app first.

After sending the message, picture or video you are wishing you hadn’t, all you need to do is tap the “Recall” icon and the message will be deleted from Privates server.

However, that will only work if the recipient hasn’t read the message, which means if you’re going to change your mind it’s best to do so promptly.

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Currently, Privates is only available on iOS, but the manufacturer of the app has assured that the Android and Windows versions are coming soon. And it will include technology to prevent the recipient of a message from taking a screenshot of it, and from sending or leaking unauthorized copies of messages.

The app also has three levels of security setting presets – “Mild”, “Wild” and “Insane” – which will delete unread messages after either 24, 12 or three hours – and an optional “reactions” feature will shows the facial expression of the recipient when they view the message.

Who is as glad as I am?!


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