Afiame soup is a beans based soup that is originally consumed in Edo state. It is very reminiscent of Gbegiri which is a beans soup consumed by the Yoruba people of Nigeria. The difference is in the ingredients used to achieve this finger-licking meal.

Recipe for Afiame Soup


  • 1 cup of beans powder
  • 8 large pieces of Beef
  • 1 large piece of Smoked Fish
  • 2 medium pieces of Stock Fish
  • 3 Scotch Bonnet Peppers
  • A handful of chopped Scent leaves
  • 3 cooking spoons of Palm Oil
  • 3 pieces of Uda (Negro Pepper)
  • 1/2 cup of Crayfish pieces
  • Seasoning cubes
  • A handful of chopped Onions

Fingerlicking Friday: How to prepare your toothsome Afiame soup


  • Season beef with chopped scotch bonnet peppers, onions and seasoning cubes and bring to boil till beef is soft.
  • When beef is soft, wash the smoked fish and stock fish and add to the pot to cook.
  • Pound the Uda, remove the seeds and add to the pot of boiling meat and fish.
  • Add the crayfish pieces and pour in the palm oil and cook on low heat.
  • In a separate pan, on low heat, stir-fry the bean powder till slightly brown.
  • Allow the roasted bean powder to cool then add water slowly and stir till a paste is formed.
  • To the pot of meats, slowly stir in the bean powder paste till all the powder is in the pot.
  • If your soup gets too thick, pour some water to loosen it a bit and allow to simmer.
  • Add the chopped scent leaves to the pot, stir and allow to simmer for about a minute.
  • Serve your afiame soup with any swallow of choice.



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