Yesterday we considered foods that are enemies to your child’s dental health, today we shall consider those foods that are healthy for the teeth.

Foods that are good for your child’s teeth:

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When it comes to healthy teeth, water proves to be very important. It is the top ingredient in saliva and is important to healthy teeth and gums. Water is valuable as the final rinsing agent for foods and sugary drinks and if fluoridated, works to prevent tooth decay by strengthening the tooth enamel.

Always ensure that your child rinses his or her mouth after eating, this is compulsory especially for something sugary.


High fibre foods work like a detergent in the mouth by scrubbing the teeth. It helps the flow of saliva because they’re being chewed for a longer period of time. Ad saliva is very important because it defends the teeth by neutralizing tooth- damaging acids. It also contains calcium and phosphates that help rebuild minerals leached away by acids.

Crunchy and juicy fruits like apple, have high water content that helps cleanse the mouth. So fruits and vegetables are beneficial to the child, always include it in your child’s diet.

If your child is a lover of Orange, let him chew the fibre part of the orange, it helps to clean the teeth.


Sugarless chewing gums of any kind can help boost dental health because they stimulate saliva production and can help  ‘scrub’ the teeth. But those sweetened with xylitol which is a kind of sugar gotten from a variety of plants can actually protect the mouth against tooth decay. Besides being used in a number of chewing gums, xylitol is available as a general sweetener at pharmacies.

Do not fail to include any of these in your child’s diet.


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