Nigerian politicians and public office holders should see this…
French Prime Minister has admitted he made “a blunder” by taking a government jet to watch the Champions League Final with his two sons in Berlin. Manuel Valls surprised the majority of voters with the extravagant flight – and caused further controversy by insisting it was a business trip to see the head of UEFA, Michel Platini.
Initially, the 52-year-old had defended his decision to take the private plane, claiming he was entitled to moments if relaxation and stressing it “did not cost a single euro more” to have his kids on board. But speaking today he said “It was a mistake, a blunder. I gave the impression to the French people that I had not devoted myself to them. I am sorry.”
I’m impressed…. He apologized! And most likely would never attempt such again. Our ogas at the top here in Nigeria…Biko, Take Note!!!


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