Chai! The breeze has blown and ‘Ngoo baby’ has exposed former President Goodluck Jonathan and the 36 thieves.

About Mr Goodluck Jonathan and the 36 theives that finished Nigeria's savings

I find it really funny when Nigerian leaders do as they please while in power because they all seem to always forget that 4 years roll by very quickly.

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Even if you made it to two terms, one day your administration will expire and little by little the skeletons in various wardrobes would start cat walking on the runway of truth.

Whether you are a Buharist or wailing wailer, hearing that Nigeria has no savings because some people turned our foreign reserves to their bank accounts should worry you.

About Mr Goodluck Jonathan and the 36 theives that finished Nigeria's savings

That was how we sat ‘jeje’ some days ago when the highly esteemed former minister of Finance and Coordinating minister of the economy gave a lecture on “inequality, growth and resilience,” at George Washington University.

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Like most Nigerian politicians, she put on her cloak of self-righteousness and blamed Nigeria’s empty foreign reserves on former President Goodluck Jonathan’s ‘ lack of political will to save’.

About Mr Goodluck Jonathan and the 36 theives that finished Nigeria's savings


According to her, GEJ and the state governors somehow turned Nigeria’s foreign reserve to Ali Baba’s cave where they would go and scream ‘Open Sesame’ at every need only to cart away what would have been saved for Nigeria’s rainy day.

About Mr Goodluck Jonathan and the 36 theives that finished Nigeria's savings

Okonjo-Iweala was quick to add that Nigeria was able to save $22 billion under former President Olusegun Obasanjo, (when oil was about $38 per barrel) which saved the country in 2008, from global economic meltdown unlike the Jonathan administration where ‘greedy governors’, the Dasuki’s and co. turned Nigeria’s savings to their lounge.

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As true as her words may be, painting President Goodluck Jonathan as the Chief thief alongside his inherited greedy governors but absolving herself of any wrinkle or spot is quite hilarious.


Apparently, a degree from Havard is not enough to remind Dr Okonjo-Iweala of the concept of collective responsibility. If one person does well, the entire administration has done well and if one fails, the administration fails.

About Mr Goodluck Jonathan and the 36 theives that finished Nigeria's savings

While the ‘white’ people see her as the lamb without blemish and one of Nigeria’s best ministers, Nigerians are not so shallow-headed as to forget how gutless she was as she tamely supervised the squandering of national resources in the same GEJ administration she rubbished on her intercontinental pulpit of self-righteousness.

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Not that I’m defending the GEJ administration. It eventually turned out to be full of rotten corrupt episodes of the highest level of inhumanity with ‘trusted’ leaders munching on the ‘National cake’ while the masses made do with the crumbs under the table of power.


Truth be told, the handing over of Nigeria’s economy by clueless President Jonathan to Okonjo-Iweala was a tragic flaw indeed. The fact that Dr Okonjo-Iweala showed off lofty certificates and a ‘robust’ work experience at the world bank was simply not enough.

About Mr Goodluck Jonathan and the 36 theives that finished Nigeria's savings


Moreso, While at the World Bank, Okonjo-Iweala specialized in administration and had limited knowledge in formulating economic policies. The fuel subsidy removal proves this point. Years after the subsidy removal, Nigerians are still queuing up for fuel.

No fuel, No light... Blame it on PDP!

Looking back now, former Central Bank Governor Prof. Charles Soludo was right when he accused her of running the country’s economy to a detriment. Then, Soludo said: “You are brilliant Madam, but you need serious help,”….. “Having spent all your life in the World Bank bureaucracy largely in administration/operations, no one will blame you if your economics has become a bit rusty.”

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In February 2014, the then Governor of Central Bank, Sanusi Lamido, wrote to President Goodluck Jonathan, alleging that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) had failed to remit $20bn being part of the income it generated from the sale of crude oil to the Federation Account.

About Mr Goodluck Jonathan and the 36 theives that finished Nigeria's savings

His revelations sparked a public outcry and criticism against the government. How dare he?!

Suprise surprise!!! Sanusi was suspended soon enough.

About Mr Goodluck Jonathan and the 36 theives that finished Nigeria's savings


Later on, Prof Charles Soludo alleged that the sum of  N30 trillion also disappeared under the watch of Ngozi Okonjo – Iweala.

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Say no more people! Okonjo-Iweala and GEJ schooled us in the art of ‘ABRACADABRA’ That was an administration during which Nigeria enjoyed selling crude oil at over $100 per barrel and instead of adhering to a responsible economic policy of saving for the rainy day, Nigeria’s income showed its magical powers of disappearing in large sums.

About Mr Goodluck Jonathan and the 36 theives that finished Nigeria's savings

Later, some people will say the Naira is weak. Biko, I beg to defer! Can Dollar or Pounds disappear like that?

My 10 Kobo?

  • Enough of the self-righteous public lectures all over Europe and America. In the first place, most Nigerians are wondering why Madam Okonjo-Iweala isn’t being tried alongside ‘Father Christmas’ Dasuki. She definitely needs to stop blaming an administration under which she served poorly. She is as guilty as those she is blaming.

About Mr Goodluck Jonathan and the 36 theives that finished Nigeria's savings

  • Need I say how badly President Goodluck Jonathan failed in this regard? Nigeria was really prosperous under the GEJ regime. Oil prices were still palatable and we still had tons of buyers yet, we couldn’t save our income. Every fund imaginable was raped by his poor economic choices for Nigeria.

However, it is wisdom that has made former President Jonathan keep quiet and receive accolades for conceding honorably to President Buhari in the 2015 elections; probably the only good thing many people remember him for.

  • Meanwhile, a good number of the greedy Governors who allegedly forced GEJ to squander Nigerian money are actively serving today either as Governors, Ministers, Members of Parliament e.t.c.

We hope that PMB stays true to being the man with the iron fist who is ready to squash any element of corruption or inefficiency under his watch. By so doing, we should be home and dry.

  • Lastly, Nigerians, when will we find all those missing monies or are they vacationing in another exotic Island somewhere on planet earth? Is another Nigerian leader helping us save our money in a far away land like the Late General Sanni Abacha?

Nigeria as a country needs to learn not to eat with 10 fingers. Are we not tired of borrowing? He that goes-a-borrowing goes a sorrowing.

A word is enough for the wise!


  1. Nor bi only Gudluck Jonathan! Liars of the century. Una don save 100Trillion 4 Buhari’s administration now. Nonsense!!

  2. Are you sure you are not talking anyhow these days under threat just like when they kidnapped your mom and forced you to resign and asked you to announce it in the media by thesame people that are hunting thieves but refuse to start from within themselves cox they know that it will swallow them as well?

    • Coward like u! What of the previous adminstrations? We all know where you’ r coming from. If you had talked of OBJ, GEJ and where’ s the recovered money for over a year now. we all listen to you. Biased idiots go and sit down. We cannever agree to any of your senseless post anymore. Will ever counter it for it does not make sense. Fools!!

    • Animal and senseless fool! Sentimental fool!! Are you not seeing the approach of the person you put in power towards economic issues which has left the country’s economic indices worse off since the inception of Nigeria. Fugitive without potifolio like you shouldn’t come to this platform. Who gave you android phone?

  3. Hmmmmm, One fin dat trills me about dis my President GEJ u all calling Name, is That d more u talk him Down d More higher he goes……… He has his flaws but never count him among those who r enemies of d present Government make a Good change and put Smiles on Our Faces, Make our Country NIGERIA PROUD…..

  4. All of u need to get more education so as to have a correct sense of judgement. I see people who seem to have gone to school but can’t reason objectively.


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