Get ready to ‘Flex’ with this new tampon alternative

Do we call this good news? A new company based in San Francisco says it’ll soon bring an alternative to tampons & sanitary towels that can be worn during sex to the market. It’s called Flex… a device similar to the Moon cup. It creates a soft barrier to the cervix temporarily blocking menstrual blood, and it can be worn for up to 12 hours.

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According to the Flex Company, it’s is not hypoallergenic in nature, which means it won’t cause toxic shock syndrome like the tampon.

The company’s gynecologist Dr. Jane Van Dis in a bid ‎to explain how safe the new product is, wrote on the company’s website that it works well with all body systems.

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“Flex is a revolutionary device that is changing the way women think about their menstruation.‎ Unlike other feminine hygiene products, Flex conforms to any woman’s body making it the most comfortable product on the market. Flex is so shockingly comfortable that women tell us they forget they’re on their period while they’re wearing it,” she said.

CEO Lauren Schulte while explaining the mission of the product added that it was designed to make women feel more comfortable.

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“We believe women are yearning to feel more comfortable during their periods, and that better products, engaging conversations, and a deeper understanding of her body will create positive change.  Women spend almost a quarter of their lives menstruating, and if we can help make women feel even slightly less ashamed about her body during this time, we’ve accomplished our mission.”

Hope it doesn’t make some women feel lazy, though. The product will be available in September and I can’t wait to try it.


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