Just as she was about to return to her hut, she felt a presence…she wasn’t alone.

‘Anwan (my wife)’ the spirit called to her… She braced herself and knelt before it…

Whom The gods Have Blessed – Episode 10

The spirit looked exactly like the young woman she’d seen earlier in a vision…or was the young lady in question a spirit?

She had seen over twenty kinds of spirit, she wasn’t scared of them, she was just uncomfortable as most were very malicious beings.

‘I sense your discomfort’ the spirit floated in the air… Inieyo shook her head…

‘You lie…you have nothing to fear, I won’t harm you but I have something important to tell you’ the spirit stopped floating and stood on the ground.

‘I am the female deity of Ekono stream…and am here to help the young woman that has entered your territory. You see, I choose to take her form because I like her, she has pleased me a great deal. She has sacrificed many times to us, seeking for a child for years, it is time to grant her wish.’

‘may the deities of Ekono stream be praised’ Inieyo exclaimed… she was a bit startled when the deity changed her form to a python.

Fear gripped Inieyo…was the deity going to eat her alive?
Her fears subsided when she took a new form…an ancient looking doll … eyen Eto ( a wooden doll) The doll was wooden but it was alive and it spoke to her…

‘she shall conceive…. The child shall bring great glory to the seven clans, she shall be an answer to many prayers and the redemption of a bloodline. But first she must be a slave, tell her to take of the ntuen ibok (alligator pepper) tree for seven market days, she should rub mmayang, kernel oil within these seven days and she must bath naked under the moonlight for another seven days…to fortify her spirit when the time comes’.

Inieyo nodded and knelt before the doll…. Praising the deity for its benevolence…

‘sesongo, ndem idim Ekono…..may the deities of the stream be praised’. The doll vanished immediately, Inieyo gasped….what kind of prophecy was that?

Inieyo quickly tied the leaves with fresh fronds and left to find the woman….

You Are Reading: Whom The gods Have Blessed – Episode 10

Ntiense spotted a hut…there was hope, maybe the gods had finally answered her prayers…

‘who are you’ the female voice interrupted her thoughts….

She turned and saw a blind woman…she was just blind in one eye and was middle aged…

She panicked….what if she were a spirit? Coming to the woods was a complete mistake….

‘I’m sorry I have to go’ Ntiense retreated….what had she been thinking? Many demons roamed freely in places like these… but she had no where else to go…

‘I haven’t asked you to leave…come’ the older woman commanded and she responded…

‘do not be afraid…am Inieyo…am human like you…I was banished several years ago from Afik…’ she explained while Ntiense relaxed.

Inieyo helped arrange her wrappers and prepared for them both dinner. After the sumptuous Afang soup and cassava fufu, Inieyo started a fire just outside their hut…. ‘what’s that for’? Ntiense asked, a bit worried as she was still scared.

‘Fire keeps wild animals and spirits away from here’ she replied as she added dried leaves to the fire. ‘who are you’? Inieyo asked, as she balanced on the cool mud floor…
Ntiense cleared her throat… the pain of his rejection was still fresh..

‘I was married to Abasikot of Ekono, a hunter….’

‘I know him….our paths have crossed severally in this woods…your husband is a kind man but why do you say ‘was’?

‘He has divorced me…his only son is dead and he blames me for this, a thought his manipulative other wife placed in his heart….he accused me of witchcraft ….but am innocent’ she explained as fresh tears poured on her cheeks.

‘I am speechless really, but these things happen…I was banished on this same matter…witchcraft, but I believe you. Don’t worry your troubles will be over soon’ Inieyo comforted… it was one thing to be accused of witchcraft…it hurt worse when your own husband turned his back against you.

‘How do you know that? How do you know this will be over soon? Look at me…am barren, I don’t even know where to begin’

‘You shall conceive of a great child…a hero’ Inieyo spoke confidently as she remembered the deity she had seen earlier.

‘You make jest of me’ Ntiense chuckled softly…this woman was god’s sent…she had lightened her burdens.

‘The gods themselves appeared to me on your behalf….i speak the truth’

Ntiense shifted closer…then she remembered the stories that flied across the land about some old witch in the woods.

‘You are the witch’ she gasped in shock at the realization.

‘I am not a witch, just an instrument of the gods’ Inieyo replied softly.

‘Show me a sign…tell me what to believe’ Ntiense breathed.

The woman was silent for a long while, then she turned slowly to Ntiense with a wide smile…

‘You are in love with another….he isn’t your husband. But the gods sanction it’.

She couldn’t believe this….she was a witch! Only one could read her thoughts this way…so the gods sanctioned it? It still didn’t feel right.

‘I must say this….I’m very terrified of you’

The woman ignored her and laughed ….her voice echoed in the woods and the men watched satisfactorily….finally there was sign of human habitation in this area.

You Are Reading: Whom The gods Have Blessed – Episode 10

‘Master we have sighted a fire in the rubber woods’ the warrior informed their master.

Amjad stirred in his sleep… he hated being disturbed…but this was a very important mission…the Sultan had given them instructions himself.

‘What did you see’? he asked

‘Two women…if we spy more we may see more people…’

‘No, we do not spy more, we only came to see if humans exist in these areas’ Amjad returned to sleep.

This mission was relevant to the expansion of the Kauza Empire…. They were the most civilized as they had been able to conquer most forest tribes…but their greatest threat was the Bini king…he was undefeatable.

The Kauza empire was going to rule the world soon, they just needed more slaves to work their lands and build more houses of stone.

‘Go back to sleep, s’ai gobe. May Qar bless us’. ‘one more suggestion lord Amjad’

‘What’! Amjad screamed irritated…. They had a long journedy ahead of them and this pig face wouldn’t let him sleep.

‘I think we need to strategize… this particular forest tribe chiefs hardly sell out their kind…so we may have some trouble’.

‘I’ve always said you are a fool Hasan, of course they would try to resist us…we start with diplomacy then if they resist…we clamp down on them…we have never lost any battle against the forest tribes. With what weapon shall they fight us’?

Amjad returned back to sleep with many things on his mind….he had been blessed with the gift of quick learning of languages.

Yes, it was difficult at first, but he spoke five languages, Kauza, his mother tongue, Arabic, which he had learnt as a child, being sold at an early age as a slave to some dark skinned merchants from Sudan, Pula, which was close to his own dialect, Joroba, a language used widely in trade in the forest kingdoms…even the Bini traders spoke Joroba, ibio, which was the most widely spoken language along the river areas of the forest tribes, Igale, spoken by tribes close to the dessert region but not actually Kauzas.

He was a warrior… he had come across many tribes but the most civilized was Kauza.

Kauza was most civilized in economy, culture and weapons. They had nothing to fear, they would win any battle they were faced with, by the grace of Qar their moon goddess, they would prevail over all.

…. To Be Continued.

You’ve Been Reading: Whom The gods Have Blessed–Episode 10

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