Kauza was most civilized in economy, culture and weapons. They had nothing to fear, they would win any battle they were faced with, by the grace of Qar their moon goddess, they would prevail over all.

Whom The gods Have Blessed – Episode 11

‘Wake up’ Akpabio shook her….

‘My prince, I love you’ she mumbled in her sleep to Akpabio’s amusement. Women were always throwing themselves at the prince when he felt nothing for them except lust for their supple bodies.

‘Wake up Asari, it is time to leave’

‘What are you doing here’? she finally opened her eyes ….she was irritated and astonished…

Where was the prince?

‘I live here…get up and dress quickly before dawn elopes’ he advised…. It would stain her reputation to be seen coming out of a man’s house.

‘Where is my prince’? she asked angrily….did he just disappear into thin air?

‘Your prince?’ he chuckled softly….women and their funny ideas…. Edem belonged to no woman…he was a warrior and had a warrior’s heart.

‘That’s none of your business….get dressed and have this for your services last night’ Akpabio dropped the bag of cowries on her bare laps.

‘Did he say anything? Did he ask me to wait for him’? she asked feeling embarrassed….all those sweet words he’d whispered in her ears….he hadn’t meant any of them!

‘Okay…’ she gave up….but the night they shared would not leave her memory…she had fallen for him. He was so gentle and patient…he was a wonderful lover and he loved to tease her nipples.

‘You know I like you Asari and I want you to be mine…being with the Prince the way you want can never happen.’ Akpabio held her still… he needed her, he wanted her for himself.

‘Get away from me you vermin and who told you my name’? she felt angry….what was wrong with this servant?

Her words hurt him deeply… why did she act like he was no good…
‘You waste your time…he will never love you, his heart belongs to another’

Asari felt a sharp pain…maybe Akpabio was right… she had seen it herself… the eyes of a man who was in love…

Even though he made love to her….she had seen the distant look in his eyes …

She thought it was something else weighing on his mind…like a responsibility….but she was wrong…who had stolen her prince away from her?

She left the palace angrily, while Akpabio’s commanding voice trailed behind…

‘Go to Abasikot’s house….get his first wife to the palace….she has to begin her punishment’ Akpabio ordered.

He needed this to work…..with Ntiense around, Edem was going to lose interest in Asari and he would win her heart.

You Are Reading: Whom The gods Have Blessed – Episode 11

‘my love…dry your tears…the gods would bless us again’ Abasikott comforted his wife…she was devastated by the premature death of their son… she had cried all night.

‘I wish I could….that witch killed our son’ Uyai sobbed….

‘Forget about her and face our future’ Abasikot was worried…he thought about her throughout the night…his conscience would not let him be… what had he done?

But it was too late to turn back now…where could she be? Where would she stay? Ntiense had no relatives… he feared for her safety.

‘don’t go hunting today, stay with me’ Uyai begged softly… her husband was now hers alone…. ‘I promise to do anything to make you happy’ he kissed her face.
The loud thud on his door startled him…. Who would visit him this early?
‘are you expecting anybody?’ Uyai asked….

He shook his head and groped in the poorly lit room to see the intruders…

‘Can I help you’? what were Afik warriors doing on his front door…

‘We want your wife, she has to begin her punishment. The prince requests for her’

He was silent….what was he going to tell them? That he’d been influenced by his other wife to send Ntiense away?

‘She fled’ Uyai’s voice broke the silence….
‘What do you mean fled’? one of the warriors expressed his confusion? ‘she is no longer in Ekono clan…’ Uyai supplied …

‘Abasi! Why do you let a woman speak for you’? the warriors murmured and left.

You Are Reading: Whom The gods Have Blessed – Episode 11

‘She fled’ Akpabio informed Edem on his return from the meeting he had with the nobles….something troubled his friend, he noticed this.

‘What’s that supposed to mean’? he flared…. She had to be found! He was going crazy….she filled his thoughts…he had to see her…

‘I am sorry my Prince but the husband said she wouldn’t be returning’ Edem peered angrily at the guard who spoke…

Right now, she was the only thing that would calm him…the only thing that would draw his mind away from the impending doom.

‘What troubles you my friend’ Akpabio inquired….

‘Get out! Go’ The prince shouted at the servants….he was in his bad moods…

‘Trouble is coming….i can feel it’ he replied….

The meeting had been with all the nobles of six clans… he had told them of the order from the Edidem of the seven clans….slavery was to be stopped…

But many opposed the idea…most nobles loved to own slaves…less privileged that were kidnapped and sold…

‘They have started exporting slaves to other kingdoms and I fear the Kauzas may be interested which is not a good thing’.

‘Rumors have it that the chief of Ekono clan is the foreman in this slave trading business…but I find it hard to believe…he seems quite harmless’ Akpabio suggested…he had placed his ears on the earth… there were many stories about the man…

‘He seems harmless…my greatest opposition comes from the nobles of Aro clan…they see nothing wrong in selling our own to the dessert tribes’. The prince was greatly troubled….

‘I hear the cousins who were sentenced to death for incest were not buried…instead they were sold off to some men with covered faces’. Akpabio had overheard some guards gossip….

‘That is a serious matter….but the gods would have acted if it were true’… the prince was worried about what his friend had just told him.

‘You really believe in these gods’? Akpabio sneered…. Religion wasn’t something he was overly fond of…it imprisoned the human mind and he was very much interested in freesom…

‘Well, we need to find her…I would die if truly she’s fled’

‘The prince is in love….with a married woman, may the gods be praised!’ Akpabio mocked…

‘I don’t plan on doing anything abominable with her’ Edem fired back…

‘Yes, I hear you…just that I’ve known you all my life’ Akpabio smiled as his friend picked one of his carvings which he launched at him.

…. To Be Continued.

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