‘I don’t plan on doing anything abominable with her’ Edem fired back.

‘Yes, I hear you…just that I’ve known you all my life’ Akpabio smiled as his friend picked one of his carvings which he launched at him.

Whom The gods Have Blessed – Episode 12

Weeks had passed, she hadn’t gone to the square or the market…she visited the stream only at night.

Nobody could see her…but she missed him dearly

‘You are thinking about him’ Inieyo observed. Love was beautiful… a gift from the gods but humans had misused it…turned it into something evil. ‘Yes…I miss him…I wish I could see him’

‘You can, if you want to…I went to the square today and it was announced that the ekpo festival is to start in three moon days…but the wrestling match would be tonight…so you better go…he may be there’ Inieyo advised.

Ntiense pondered on this…she was right, the festival was around the corner….but she still feared…what if he didn’t feel anything for her?

‘I’m scared…what if he has another’?
Inieyo held her hands… ‘child, he is your destiny…you must go before another takes your place’ She had seen a vision of a woman sitting beside the prince… it wasn’t Ntiense…

You Are Reading: Whom The gods Have Blessed – Episode 12

‘You have been a bad friend Asari’ Uyai complained

‘I just couldn’t face you…what could I have spoken to lighten your grief?’ ‘I’m truly sorry but I’m here now’ Asari continued.

‘It’s fine…already I have taken in for my husband’ Uyai informed her friend who giggled excitedly… ‘Abasi enyong anam oboho, the gods have done it again’ Asari was happy for her friend.

‘That woman was a witch…thank god she is gone’ Uyai added feeling fulfilled…. But something else bothered her, the night before, when Abasikot made love to her, he’d whispered her name, Ntiense….in the heat of passion. It bothered her greatly.

‘So tell me about your prince’ she decided not to dwell on the issue.

‘He loves another….and it hurts me so much…he has forgotten totally about me…he now has a new maiden to warm his bed’ Asari’s heart broke….she had never felt this way about a man…

‘Friend, I warned you now you are trapped…but I will advise you to fight for his heart…he belongs to you’

‘Fight?’ she had to do something…then a thought lingered…would Akpabio help her?

You Are Reading: Whom The gods Have Blessed – Episode 12

It always started at twilight ….at the fading of the bright yellow sun, the youth were in charge of arranging the square and decorations….

It was always exciting to watch men fight…a show of strength was one of the rites to kick off the masquerade festival.

The young men involved usually slept in the forest for three days prior the wrestling match…this was a rite to cleanse their soul and make them receptive to the wish of the gods. They stayed there till the appearance of the white moon, after which they were fed and dressed up for the occasion.

‘Ndito Ekono, children of Ekono clan move to the square for the dance of victory’ the gong had sounded.

‘Hurry’ the Prince commanded as his guards put on him the full regalia of a royal during a festival.

He was burdened by so many things… he hadn’t seen her for a long while and he suspected all wasn’t well.

After the festival, he would expand his search to other clans…she couldn’t hide from him, no, he knew what he saw that day. When he held her hands…he knew what he felt and she felt it too.

‘Get your mind off of her….there are many beautiful maidens to pick from’ Akpabio advised…. Yes, he didn’t understand why the noble prince was bent on disgracing himself. Ntiense was married….the thought alone could cost them both their lives.

Then he thought about Asari, she had sent him a message, they were to meet in the woods while the match was going on. He smiled….his chest rose with anticipation… was she going to accept him? He really liked her, although she was wanton, his heart was in her palms… she had to be his.

‘And the festival begins’ the Prince mused as he strode to out with his guards. Something else bothered him, one of his guards had reported seeing a Kauza man in one of the forests…. If that were true it only meant one thing, they were coming for the seven clans. They had always wanted the clans for themselves, from his travels to the desert region, the king of the Kauza empire had requested his surrender and that of all the rulers of the seven clans and forest tribes, but he had ignored the request tactically. Now, they were coming for them…it was time for all nobles to stand and fight.

You Are Reading: Whom The gods Have Blessed – Episode 12

‘Are you sure I should go’? Ntiense regarded the old woman kindly….she didn’t feel comfortable leaving her behind.

‘You amuse me child…your journey begins…mine is ended…go’ was all Inieyo said. Her mind was greatly troubled by the visions she had seen.

It was of burning huts and bloodshed by men with unseen faces…they hid their faces in strange cloaks and they killed lots of men and took away the women and children. It burdened her mind …what did all these mean?

Earlier she had seen a vulture perching on an ukana tree, the oil bean tree, it was a bad omen. But who could she speak to? Who would believe her message? Maybe it was for a time like this she had been created, to avert the doom that was coming to the seven clans.

Just as she was about to enter her hut, she heard a movement behind her… fear gripped her, it was strange really, she hadn’t been afraid for a long while….

She finally let out a scream as some cloaked men advanced towards her and bundled her up… they spoke in a strange tongue…. Was this how she would die? Were they even human?

‘Maza maza…ki kare ka… Take her away while I enter the village with Hasan, we will spy for a little while and meet you again’ Amjad commanded his warriors.

‘Madala… may Qar be with you’ they responded and carried the old woman away… Inieyo screamed with all her might, but the sound of the night swallowed her wails.

…. To Be Continued.

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