Governor of Benue state, Samuel Ortom, has warned his counterpart in Plateau state, Simon Lalong to mind his business. According to Punch, Ortom asked Lalong not to dabble in Benue state matters.

This is coming some weeks after the Benue Governor accepted the apology that was tendered by Gov. Lalong.

According to reports in the media, Lalong, in the wake of the Fulani herdsmen killings in Benue, said that he warned Ortom not to enact the anti-open grazing law.

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A statement which the Benue Governor debunked, saying “The law is what the Benue people want. Is there any person in Benue that’s against this law? The answer is no. I consulted widely and it originated from the people themselves.”

Recently, Lalong, according to Ortom, mentioned to the Deputy-Governor of Benue state, Benson Abounu, that he actually warned the Governor against the law.

Reacting to the Plateau state Governor’s comments, Ortom said “My deputy told me that he had a discussion with Lalong recently at a function, where he (Lalong) said that he had to apologise to me over his statement because of pressure on him, saying, he stands by his earlier statement.

 “He also told the people that he introduced this woman (pointing at the woman on the high table) in this committee to me, whereas, this woman was introduced to me by Nasir el-Rufai, not him.

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 “Thank God he has a representative here; please tell him to stop interfering with the affairs of my state; let him mind his business in Plateau and I will mind my own business here.

 “I am the governor here (Benue); how can he say that he warned me? Who is he to warn me? He can only advise me.”

Meanwhile, the Governor, Samuel Ortom has said that some powerful people at the Federal level are threatening his life.

He also revealed that he has been receiving threats because of his decision to ban open grazing in Benue state.

The Governor said that he is ready to sacrifice his life for the truth.



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