Our eyes are very important to us, I mean it is the way we see and appreciate the world and others.

Many due to their daily activities have been experiencing waning eye sights making it necessary for them to wear glasses, go on special diets or even have surgeries.

But those will not be necessary again if you practice these tips.

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Photo Credit: abeautyhub
Photo Credit: abeautyhub

Visual training eye exercises can help with many visual disorders. Practitioners of the visual training method recommend that a person gradually reduce the amount of time spent wearing corrective lenses during the day and that fundamental eye exercises be performed (without wearing glasses or contacts) to decrease dependency on mechanical aids.

Tips for improving your eyesight:

  1. Shut your eyes for some minutes every 2-3 hours while avoiding pressure on them.
  2. Avoid wearing glasses
  3. Massage specific spots every day
  4. While walking outside look into distance
  5. Consume carrot juices with few drops of olive oil on a daily basis
  6. Clean your eyes with warm water

Try to avoid using laptop or PC at least 2 hours before sleeping.Photo Credit: executivechroniclesTo establish your vision implement the Indian exercise Trataka, which means to look upon, to gaze, or stare at a specific point (candlelight, black spot, small object) for strengthening of the eyesight, stimulating the third eye and developing focus. It is focusing and fixing your view of something in a meditative/concentrated state. It can greatly enhance your third eye – it is an extremely powerful practice. Slight eye fatigue may occur.

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If tears start to come from your eyes, close them down and leave them to rest. The main point of Trataka is to stand as much as you can before you have tears flowing from your eyes


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