One common statement attributed to the differences in behaviour between a man and a woman states that ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’. This statement accredited to a popular author John Gray simply illustrates the importance of understanding the different individualities and certain habits common to them. In many marriages, men have been known to exhibit certain common bad habits although the level at which they are exposed may differ from one another.

Perhaps you just got married or you have been in the institution for some years wondering why the man you thought was prim and proper has suddenly been plagued with certain bad habits, trust me; every man has it and here are some top bad habits your spouse may possess which could be driving you down the bend.

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This is a bad habit your husband might have developed as a single man and you may have also recognised this habit during courtship as it is often visible. Trust is the substance that holds a marriage together and if your spouse is dishonest, he will often lie to you about the slightest things.


Does your husband feel very insecure in your marriage due to his low self-esteem? Many men today are not able to meet up with the financial responsibilities as the head of the family and the wife has become the breadwinner. This situation can cultivate jealousy in the mind of a man already suffering from lack of self-esteem.


They say real men don’t bully their wives but if you are in the confinement of an abusive marriage, this slogan will certainly not make sense to you. Bullying is a bad habit and today, there are several women enduring their marriages in the hands of bullies who call themselves husbands.


A great marriage exists when love is true and unconditional but unfortunately, a good number of marriages today are conceived out of convenience which often breeds conditional love. When the feeling is not mutual, your spouse may seek his fun from flirting with other women in exchange.


Some men were raised to feel superior to women and this perception can become a bad attribute in their marital lives when they begin to exhibit a sense of control which they really haven’t earned. If your husband is feeling superior, he will be patronising and would often demand much more than you can possibly give because he believes he is doing you a favour.


Believe it or not, men can also pretend in marriage as there are many husbands today who have mastered the bad habit of treating their wives courteously at social gatherings far from what attains at home in order to create a false impression. Unfortunately, you become confined within his scripts acting the character of the perfect wife of the best husband in town.


A man brought up within a close-knit family setting is more likely to give his loyalty and allegiance to his parents first rather than to his wife. Perhaps your husband is a perfect example of this bad habit, it can really be frustrating living in a marriage as the second best.



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