We are aware that men have characteristics that make them decidedly male, but those features are nothing to be ashamed over. Though society might be against some of these characteristics, they are completely natural.

Six of those behaviours have been outlined below.

  1. Male Energy

Men are endowed with a hormone that makes them more aggressive, dominant, and energetic. That hormone is known as testosterone, and men have to deal with it from birth. Testosterone is responsible for a lot of the activities commonly associated with men, like hunting, fishing, sports, and any other source of violence. Men should not be ashamed of doing these things.

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  1. Leadership

One of the hallmark effects of testosterone is that it instils a desire to lead. In most cases, men who desire a leadership position do so because they want to help make a difference for the good of mankind. There are others, however, who would use their leadership role for harm rather than good. Those men are potentially dangerous to society, but they are rare and easy to spot.

  1. Providing For The Family

Testosterone is a hormone that goes back to the time before civilised society when men were forced to hunt to survive. That desire has continued on through civilisation, and many men cope with that desire by being the sole provider for their family. There is nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to protecting your family’s future.

  1. Attraction

The driving force behind the average male psyche is an attraction for women. Testosterone not only provides men with the attractiveness that women seek, but it also instils a sense of attraction to those women. Without testosterone prompting such attraction, there would be no motivation to pass knowledge and experience down to the next generation. Men should never feel ashamed about feeling attracted to women because that is what men are biologically programmed to feel.

  1. Direct Attitudes

Men are often quite blunt when speaking, and that is often because of the no-nonsense nature of testosterone and its effects on the body. Testosterone promotes physical activity, which leaves little room for complex or abstract communication techniques. Being direct in daily life is not only acceptable, but it helps society move at a faster pace.

  1. Feminine Behaviour

Perhaps the most important thing for men to remember is that they don’t always have to convey a sense of masculinity. Men are often much more ashamed of their perceived ‘feminine’ behaviour. This is due to the fact that gender norms are so ingrained in society that it becomes a question of extremes.

Men need to understand that their behaviours are not dictated by anyone but themselves. Society may provide guidelines for standard male and female behaviour, but they are not set in stone for everyone to blindly follow. No one should feel ashamed for being who they truly are on the inside.



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