When temperatures drop, it is time to think of how cold the weather will be in few days, as winds and dry air will affect your skin.

We naturally think of bundling up this period, but there are also few things we have put into consideration concerning our skin.

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Here are 7 tender care you should give your skin this season:

  • Heavier moisturizers

Keep your face protected by using heavier moisturizers, especially if you have dry skin. Always wear foundation when weathering the cold – give your face that extra protection. Don’t forget the rest of your skin and use body washes instead of harsh soaps.

  • SPF- Sun Protection Factor

During the winter the UV rays reflecting off the snow have an added ability to damage your skin. Don’t forget that UV rays can harm your eyes as well, so keep them protected with sunglasses.

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  • Moisturize Hands

Keep your hands dry and warm during the harmattan months. Moisturize your hands very often.

  •  Use lip Balm

Keep your lips protected from dry, cold air by wearing lipstick regularly. Cultivate a habit of reapplying lipstick so your lips area always covered except when you are going to bed and you will never have chapped lips.

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  • Exfoliate

Exfoliate your face and body regularly to smooth away dry patches or prevent them.

  • Visit the spa

It is essential that you take out time to visit the spa and let your body take a treat and feel so pampered.



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