Harvest of Tears
Kingsley woke up the following morning. He had no idea how he got into the house or unto the bed. He was hungry, very hungry. He dashed into the kitchen and saw grandma and Uncle Christopher talking in the living room. He was the first to speak to him.
“O Boy, Come here. How are you feeling?”
“Fine Sir”
He laughed as though making jest of Kingsley, then Grandma quickly cut in
“Kay, I made some noodles for you. It’s on the dining table”


Harvest of Tears Episode 5 – the new girl

Henry was sent packing, and there was no mention of his name. Although Kingsley wasn’t sure if Lucinda knew what happened that day, he never spoke about it. He was too embarrassed to bring it up in a discussion.
A few years passed, Henry and the incident in the backyard became an elapsed memory. Grandma passed. The twins were sent to boarding school. They grew into teenagers.
There was something about being a teenager that changed children. It wasn’t just the alteration from shorts and pinafore to trousers and skirts. It was the coming of puberty. The boys began to have deepened voices and grow hair in several places. The girls receive a monthly visitor and their breast and backsides enlarged. Boys began to find girls attractive and the girls began to play hard to get. The twins were no exception.
The twins had reached their final year in secondary school. They returned to school from the long break and a new student joined the class. She walked into the classroom and stole the spotlight. Her eyes sparkled like sunshine and her hair sat gallantly on her shoulder. She was calm and poise. Her breast were well formed and her buttock stood out in her skirt. Her socks were white and her sandals clean. She looked like an angel. She introduced herself to the class as Aisha.
Kingsley was speechless. Lucinda on the other hand wondered why her brother and most of the other boys in her class were behaving like dogs in heat.
Kingsley went to Lucinda for advice.
“I like Aisha, I want her to be my girlfriend”
“Why, what do you know about girlfriend?”
“What’s why? You are my sister, advise me on how to go about it”
“It is obvious that you really want this girl but you must stop making it obvious”
“What do you mean?”
“‘A lady is like a shadow, when you chase her she runs but when you run she chases you’, I learnt that in a book I read”
“Please explain”
“Kay, you need to make your desires less obvious. When you see her just say hello passively. If you have to say more than a word let it be , ‘how are you?’ and don’t wait to hear her response. When you pay her a compliment let it make her feel good and bad at the same time.”
“I don’t understand”
“For instance, tell her she looks good but needs to polish her shoes. Or tell her she is a great student but needs to pay more attention to her hand writing”
“Lulu, are you sure this would work?”
Lucinda assured him that the plan would work and so he prepared his mind to move into action.

…. To be continued.



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