If you read from right to left and from left to right… the numbers are same. So this is a unique day. According to history, it’s called a palindrome day.

A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or other sequences of characters which read the same backward or forward. Allowances may be made for adjustments to capital letters, punctuation, and word dividers.

Palindromes date back at least to 79 AD, as a palindrome was found as a graffito at Herculaneum, a city buried by ash in that year. This palindrome called the Sator Square consists of a sentence written in Latin: “Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas” (“The sower Arepo holds with effort the wheels”). It is remarkable for the fact that the first letters of each word form the first word, the second letters from the second word, and so forth. Hence, it can be arranged into a word square that reads in four different ways: horizontally or vertically from either top left to bottom right or bottom right to top left. As such, they can be referred to as palindromic.

Other palindrome dates in the 21st century include:

1. October 2, 2001 (10022001)

2. January 2, 2010 (01022010)

3. January 10, 2011 (1102011) (First seven-digit one in the 21st century)

4. November 2, 2011 (11022011)

5. February 10, 2012 (2102012)

6. March 10, 2013 (3102013)

7. April 10, 2014 (4102014)

8. May 10, 2015 (5102015)

9. June 10, 2016 (6102016)

10. July 10, 2017 (7102017)

11.August 10, 2018 (8102018)

12.September 10, 2019 (9102019)

13. February 2, 2020 (02022020) (Common in both date formats)

14. January 20, 2021 (1202021)


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