We get nicks and cuts on our skin which can be due to anything- razor cuts, small wounds, minor knife cuts etc. Out of all the wounds, razor cuts and knife cuts are most common and you cannot always apply medications on them as medications on regular basis aren’t always safe. If you are someone who likes to use natural products, you will be happy to know that minor nicks and cuts can be healed naturally too! Also, if your toddler has a habit of getting cuts on regular basis (which can be due to playing outdoors or anything), it is the best option to heal it using natural ingredients. Below is how you could use coconut oil to heal cuts:

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  • Coconut oil is a natural skin healer as it softens fresh wounds and stimulates healing reducing scars and filling up the cuts.
  • Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties that inhibit any bacteria growing in and on the cut reducing the risk of further infections and facilitating wound healing.
  • Coconut oil reduces the burning and pain related to cuts and soothes it.
  • Coconut oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties that heal cuts and prevents scarring.
  • Since coconut oil has moisturizing properties, it keeps the wounded area well moisturized and prevents flaking of the skin. This not only prevents scars but also stimulates tissue attachment.

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Topical application- Wash your fresh cut with flowing water and pat dry using sterile soft bandage or sterile cotton pad that has no loose threads hanging out. Apply organic coconut oil on the cut and reapply the oil several times a day.

Healing oil mask- Take one tablespoon of coconut oil and add in just one drop of pure lavender essential oil. Store the oil in a dropper bottle. Apply this oil to your cut and let it stay for 30 minutes. Wipe the excess off gently. Yu can use the mask until once every day until the cut is completely healed.



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