‘You forgot something at my house, why don’t you come over and pick it up’? she lied.

‘Hmmm, whatever it is I forgot, keep it’ he knew her tricks.

‘Okay, I just saw this magazine showing pictures of your pre-wedding photos with Damilola, why didn’t you tell me you’d already fixed your wedding date’?

‘What? What are you talking about? We aren’t even dating’ he wondered what that was about.

‘Oh, but you told me you were so much in love with her, what happened?’ Ejura feigned concern.

‘None of your business, I have to go now, please don’t call me again’ he was about to end the call when Emy called after him.

Heart’s Whirl – Episode 23

‘Yinka, I just saw a snake’ she screamed.

‘Oh my God, Emy, I hope you aren’t hurt, please come over here love’ he pulled her gently to his side.

‘I see you have a new catch’ Ejura spoke bitterly, she’d heard the discussion at the background.

‘Goodbye Ejura’ he ended the call and faced his angel.

‘Where is the serpent’ he chuckled softly, she looked so adorable when scared.

‘Over there, in the flowers’ she pointed at the direction.

‘Come on in, we’ll kill it tomorrow’ he laughed.

‘It’s not funny, what if it follows us inside the house’ she was reluctant.

‘No, I would never allow anything or anyone to hurt you, I love you Emy’ he paused to look at her.

He was intoxicated by his newfound love, he found a reason to be happy and he was happy God had finally healed him from the wounds Ejura had created.

‘I don’t know what to say Yinka, this is like a dream’ her voice was shaky with emotion.

‘Don’t say anything, it is a good dream’ he replied and kissed her head.

You Are Reading: Heart’s Whirl – Episode 23

‘Emy’ Ejura repeated the name she’d heard him say, who was Emy? She wondered and picked up her phone.

‘Abdul, I think you were right, Yinka is no longer seeing Damilola, so we’ll change plans’ she said thoughtfully.

‘Yes Madam’ he waited for her to speak.

‘We should find out more about this girl, the one Yinka is currently seeing, he seems fond of her’ Ejura suggested.

‘That wouldn’t be difficult, I am standing right outside of Dami’s house as we speak, I could go in there and force her to talk’ Abdul suggested.

‘That’s risky, what’s that area like’? Ejura asked.

‘Not too busy, but it’s dark’ he replied as he scanned the place.

‘No, don’t do that, follow her around tomorrow, then make conversation with her, she seems like a mouthy person. Ask her about this ‘Emy’, take down all the details’ Ejura instructed.

‘And after that?’ Abdul asked.

‘Kill her’ Ejura ended the call.

Yes, any woman that had had a share of her man deserved to die, besides, it was risky to let Dami live. If Dami gave them the information she needed about Yinka’s new lover, surely Emy was going to die, and in that situation, Dami could tell people someone approached her asking about Emy. She didn’t need complications, that was the best way out.


‘Bitch’ Ejura cursed as she read the text from her sister.

But this wasn’t the time to chase her after she was done, after she’d gotten Yinka for herself, she would go after Angie and that looser that called himself Ize.

You Are Reading: Heart’s Whirl – Episode 23

‘What are you doing sweetheart’? Ize came out of the bathroom and wondered why Angie was smiling mischievously.

‘Promise me you wouldn’t be angry’ Angie stood on the bed.

‘Angry? What did you do?’ he wondered.

‘I sent my sister a text, so she wouldn’t worry about me, I don’t want her going to the media and making a ‘missing person’s report’ Angie explained.

‘Oh, did you really have to do that? Did you tell her our location’? he panicked.

‘Hell no, I just told her she shouldn’t bother looking for me, here you can read it’ she passed him the phone.

‘Good’ Ize sighed a bit relieved. They had succeeded in getting to Abuja but they had to move further, by now Terver must have discovered he’d escaped and they’ll be on the look out for him.

‘What’s wrong baby? I am sorry if I upset you by texting my sister’ Angie shifted closer to him.

‘I don’t know Angie, I just hope we’re not making a mistake, you can’t keep running back to Ejura like a little child’ he was a bit pissed.

‘I don’t understand Ize’ she replied.

You Are Reading: Heart’s Whirl – Episode 23

‘I worked with a very dangerous man, he wanted me to set up your sister with Yinka and blackmail them, remember I was the photographer at Ejura’s wedding? So I had one of the pictures of her marriage with Yinka, I still had a copy, it’s here with me’ Ize said.

‘blackmail? What are you talking about? Most people don’t even know Yinka and Ejura had been married. Ejura made sure of that’ Angie was confused.

‘Hey, this man, this Terver Davies is dangerous, he wanted me to do this so he could get paid and if we succeeded in establishing the slightest fact that Ejura and Yinka were having an affair, I would’ve then come out with the wedding pictures, and we know this wouldn’t go well with the governor. Terver’s plan was to ruin Yinka’s business, with that accomplished, the governor would’ve withdrawn his favours from Jura apps and given them to Terver products’ Ize explained.

‘My God, Terver Davies? I know that man, I’ve seen him before? Ize why would you think of something like that? Do you hate my sister that much’? Angie rose to her feet.

‘No, I just wanted to be rich, to make quick money so I could be good enough for you’ he replied sadly.

‘So did you do it?’ Angie was scared as she knew her sister was still in love with Yinka.

‘No, that’s why I insisted we run together,  if I told Terver I was no longer interested in the deal, he would have me dead. My life was in danger Angie, I’m so sorry I kept all of this from you, it was for the best’ Ize said.

‘Oh my God, what do we do now? Ejura is actually planning to have a love affair with Yinka, that’s we quarrelled this last time, what if Terver has an insider in the government house?’

‘Then it’s going to be a scandal’ Ize supplied.

‘No, I can’t let that happen, I know she hates you and has tried to ruin our lives but I have to warn her about Terver, I’ve heard stories about that man but I bluffed about it. I have to warn Ejura, please allow me to’ she was on her knees.

‘You’re free but you must never reveal our location’ he replied, hoping he wasn’t making a mistake.

You Are Reading: Heart’s Whirl – Episode 23

‘Where the hell are you Angie’? Ejura picked the call. She couldn’t wait to see her sister and her loser boyfriend.

‘Ejura, I cannot tell you that but please you have to listen to me, you have to be very careful’ Angie began hoping her sister would believe her.

…To be continued

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