Helpful ways to preserve all your Christmas leftover food


So you still have food leftover even after practically feeding the ‘5000’? The trash can is not an option. If you have a grandmother like mine you probably know that some people consider food wastage a crime as grievous as murder. Haha! It’s boxing day and almost every fridge and deep freezer is stocked to full capacity but for how long can you preserve your food? Here are a few tips on how to preserve your food, how long you can and what food needs to be distributed to the hungry on the streets in good time.

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Chicken or Turkey
Freeze your poultry ASAP! Why? If you are interested in NOT poisoning your family then cool your poultry immediately. Turkey and chicken take a while to cool and the longer it’s warm for, the more likely bugs are to grow in it causing food poisoning. If it isn’t already in smaller pieces instead of a large carcass, you might want to chop it up before freezing. This prevents bacteria called clostridium perfringens from spoiling the meat.

Vegetable soup
The pounded yam got exhausted but your traditional vegetable soup is still smiling in that pot? What are you waiting for? freeze it! But for how long? Well, try to consume all within 5 days max. You see, keeping cooked veg in the fridge will slow down growth, but won’t prevent it. When you want to eat it, take the quantity you want and freeze the rest. It’s safest and healthiest to eat it after being reheated only once to above 60c for ten minutes.

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If you still have your minced pies and sausages left over, you can freeze them and warm in a microwave. It’s best to consume within 3-4days.

If you still have leftovers of that yummy red velvet, butter cake or cupcakes that have no drop of preservative brandy or alcohol in it, be sure to cover tightly but do not refrigerate. If you do not have a cake keeper, cover the cake with a large inverted bowl, cover it with foil, or store in a large airtight container. Store at room temperature for approximately 5 days. You can also maintain the freshness of your already sliced cake by applying some icing to the cut side of the cake, to help re-seal the cake against the elements. There’s also the option of freezing if you plan to keep for long.

Jollof rice
PLEASE DO NOT TRASH PRECIOUS JOLLOF RICE! it’s very easy- freeze your jollof rice in a ziplock bag. When you need to serve it, just put your frozen chunk in your pot and turn on the heat without defrosting so you don’t have rice pudding.
Moi Moi
For Moi moi, as long as it is frozen, all wrapped in the leaves, you can always steam it! Simple! Your moi moi can go for 7-8days but as soon as the leaves begin to dry up, various bacteria will affect the ‘greatness; of your ‘7-lives’ moi moi.

Christmas leftover food (1)Swallow
After exerting so much energy pounding yam, making eba, amala e.t.c. I’m sure you won’t want to be in a hurry to toss them away in the trash can. After spending long hours in your warmer, you can just put away your swallow in a ziplock bag and cool in your fridge. Place in a Pyrex dish and warm in a microwave oven when it’s time to eat and enjoy with your soup. Consume leftover swallow within 2days.
The list of all our Christmas delicacies are endless. The key thing is to ensure that leftovers are well-preserved to prevent food poisoning. Consume as soon as possible. Eating Christmas rice in the middle of January is not advisable biko. Share with the hungry and less privileged too. Don’t eat alone. I trust that you will still need these tips as your kitchen gears up for New year celebrations.
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