It’s always good to build your relationship on a good foundation of friendship and mutual respect. This is very important because, as time goes on, your romantic feelings for each other may fade and you’ll be left with nothing but friendship, when this friendship is lacking in a relationship, most of them crash after few months.

Once you guys make up your mind to be with each other, the first months are usually very rosy. He calls you, you blush, he buys you flowers and gives you mindblowing sex, soon the romance would fade.

This presents the very first problem you’ll face in a relationship: BOREDOM.

Suddenly, the scales would fall from your eyes and you’ll realise this person has many flaws you didn’t notice at first, you’ll notice he snores, he has a bad habit you cannot cope with and you start to lose interest in him.

You both may find it hard to have a conversation for few minutes because there is absolutely nothing to talk about.

If you both aren’t determined to be with each other, you’ll break up or move to stage two: SUSPICION AND UNNECESSARY FIGHTS.

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When you both realise you have nothing in common, you may continue to have sex, thinking everything would be fine but it may not. Due to your lax in communication, you may start to suspect he or she has another partner he is secretly seeing and you begin to fight and quarrel unnecessarily. This would continue for a while, till you get tired and decide to move things to stage three: BREAK UP OR START OVERS


You may decide to break up with this person or you take a long break and start over.


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