Since the 12th century they’ve been used to deliver messages long distances – but it seems in the 21st century, the small birds have a much more modern use.

According to report, authorities in Kuwait this week caught a bird with a backpack full of ecstasy tablets strapped to its back, in what is believed to be the newest drug smuggling technique used by traffickers.

Hilarious! Carrier pigeon 'arrested' after it was caught smuggling 200 ecstasy pills
Photo credit: Mailonline

Pictures of the pigeon after its ‘arrest’ show the the grey bird and the bag on its back.

Once the backpack is opened up, close to 200 small, white pills can be seen spilling out.

Sent by traffickers, the bird had reportedly began its smuggling route in Iraq and was tracked by authorities on its way to Kuwait.

The bird was caught by authorities after being spotted flying around an inner-city office block.

The plight of the pigeon has captured the attention of the internet, with users calling it a ‘flight risk’ and urging authorities not to grant it bail.



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