At 27, already married and divorced. These celeb types sure lead very interesting lives.
On Tuesday, one time teen idol, Hilary Duff returned to the music scene following an eight year absence, during which she got married, had a kid, made some movies, then got divorced. The new album, Breathe In, Breathe Out, is titled as such because it’s like a mantra for her. For Duff, it serves as a reminder to “just remember to soak everything in, the good and the bad,”
It also plays up her dichotomous life, “the very normal side that is just like everyone else and then who I am as an artist now too.” And it seems her style’s got the same split personality. Performing her new song, Sparksthe 27-year-old wore pop art-inspired rainbow hot pants with fishnet stockings, a plastic yellow belt, and a white button-down shirt. It’s business casual on the top, burlesque dancer on the bottom.


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