Homeless mom soon to be a millionaire from making skittle dress

Skittle dress
Homeless mom soon to be a millionaire from making skittle dress
Skittle dressBryan

Correct! Sarah Louise Bryan, a skittle dress designer literally followed a dream that led her to a bright light at the end of her very dark tunnel.

Just a year ago, things were looking a bit miserable for the 27-year-old mother of two from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK. She was penniless and facing rental arrears at the time. Sarah was practically relying on the kindness of friends to keep a roof over her and her children’s heads. But unexpectedly, things took an amazing turn after imagining her brilliant idea.

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According to Sarah, she was lying in bed one night when she had a flash of inspiration that automatically changed her life completely: a dress made of Skittles. Bryan leapt out of bed and googled the idea to make sure it hadn’t been done before… and guess what… It hadn’t. The next day she set to work realising her vision.

She imagined that 3,000 Skittles, 90 tubes of glue should be enough to make the dress and within a week, it was done. Sarah took to twitter to showcase her creation. The image went viral and the dress was eventually bought by Ripley’s museum in America.

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Homeless mom soon to be a millionaire from making skittle dress

Sarah, who was once a beautician has since been given her own clothing and handbag range and is now on track to supply her designs to the Kardashians.

While sharing how excited this has made her in a video, Sarah revealed how she had faced many adversities in her life. “Not so long ago I had basically nothing. I was struggling with rent, I was a teenage parent as well and I used to be in foster care.”

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She seized the opportunity to encourage people in similar situations to have faith and keep pursuing goals: “When little things knock you back, and believe me they do, just pick yourself up and try again. I am hoping to be a millionaire in the not too distant future. I am proof that no matter whom you are and how bad things can get, anyone can get themselves out of a bad situation with ideas and drive.” She added.

Sarah got pregnant at a tender age of 14 and her first son is 13. She also recently got over an addiction to laxatives after she suffered a painful break-up. She revealed that the skittle dress was her big breakthrough as it has given her the opportunity to rent a ‘lovely home’ and buy a sports car. Today, we can say she is now living the dream.


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