I had always wished I had a smooth face; emphasis on the word ‘WISH’ and funnily I have sisters with baby smooth faces. I would stare in the mirror sometimes and wonder where all those pimples came from.

Twice in my life, I had major Acne attacks. The first was in S.S. 3, I was getting ready for my final exams and then I had this huge spread on my face. I remember one picture I took around that period, not funny at all.

The second time was in my Final Year in the University, this one was so bad that every space on my face had something to show for it, I think I bought a fake Clean & Clear face wash back then and men it was terrible! So terrible that my Mum thought it was a spiritual attack, as in ‘e get pesin wey no wan make her daughter marry’. LOL

Anyways after I left school, I came to join my sisters in Lagos and one of them gave me a Neutrogena face wash which I used and within a month the whole thing cleared and my face was close to smooth once again. However, I would have outbursts from time to time and then periods of smoothness. 

After a long while, both accidentally and un-accidentally, I discovered that when I stopped using heavy make-up, like foundation, powder, concealer and all those stuff, my face would be clear and smooth. But when I go back to using them again, I would develop outbreak after a period of time.

So, my sisters were yabbing me, saying that I use fake powder but then, how does one know which powder is original? Definitely not by price, rather it’s by source. You have to know where your supplier gets it from if not, you might just be paying a high price for a fake product. That notwithstanding, I simply stopped using all those layers of make-up all together, except for special occasions or on Sundays.


At first, it was a struggle because I really needed to cover up the ‘bad skin’. However, I found out that things kept getting worse so I braced it and settled for PONDS Magic Powder, a product of Unilever that someone recommended to me (I can’t even remember who). I had yabbed the powder initially, calling it Ojuju Calabar and all but I swallowed my words when my face started smoothening up.


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