You see special running shoes on the shelves of sports stores all the time, and all the women on pretty fitness blogs or TV shows seem to be wearing a pair when they go for a jog. But you’ve always wondered: are running shoes really all that important? What’s the worst that can happen if you don’t wear shoes specifically designed for running, after all? What if you wear something highly similar, like your pair of regular trainers, which are definitely comfy enough for you not to be able to tell the difference?

Article_2_Picture_2Well, the answer is, as it tends to be, somewhere in the middle. If you only practice moderate running and you make sure to run on soft surfaces like grass instead of stone or concrete, then your trainers just might be good enough for you to run in them.

Still, if you take your running seriously and you tend to make it your main fitness routine, you should definitely consider investing in special running shoes. Even if your trainers are high quality enough to prevent serious health hazards (like joint damage), they may get uncomfortable as you run for longer distances, and fail to protect you from small and temporary discomforts such as callouses.


Do yourself a favor and get professional running shoes if your workouts mainly consist of running.

Also, remember that both regular trainers and special running shoes can be damaging to the health of your joints and your feet if they are worn out. When the soles tend to become just a little bit thinner after prolonged use, the power of the shoes to absorb the shocks of the ground is greatly reduced, hence creating the health hazard.

Article_2_Picture_4Make sure you change them every 6 months, if you run daily or every other day in them. Few things are more dangerous to your bone and joint system than a pair of worn-out shoes.


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