It important to workout so is taking care of your skin afterwards. Your skin should always have a special treatment after and before workout. It is important to avoid skin irritation and various inflammatory processes, you can do that if you listen to some tips that we will give you so you could protect your skin every time

Before Exercise

Whether you are about to exercise or have just arrived home after a hard day at the office, your goal is to quickly get to the gym and as quickly as possible to get things done.

Be sure to keep your pores clean and the other to avoid the appearance of acne, also be sure to remove all makeup before exercise. If you are not having to go through this ‘torture’, to use the soft wet wipes for removing makeup.

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After Exercise

1. Clean Skin Carefully
Sweat does miracles for your skin. Removes toxins that close pores and cause various defects and scars. During exercise, sweat glands are functioning at their peak, but to remove toxins from the skin surface (and prevent bacterial infection), it is necessary to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

In this case, wet wipes for removing makeup can remove some dirt and grease, no products for facial cleansing and water (more precisely: cold water!) will even reduce the redness. Look for a product that contains salicylic acid, and ‘cleaners’ that foam are strong enough to prevent acne during the day.

2. Return Moisture to Your Skin
After cleaning the face before and after exercise, your skin is deprived of moisture even twice, you have to compensate. To make sure that you provide the best moisture to your skin, use a small amount of moisturizer for the face.

If you feel as if you are too hot and you could sweat, take a lightweight formula. And still, you could feel slightly sweaty because your skin now increasingly produces natural fat, but do not skip this step, and be careful because it is your usual cream could make the skin shiny and greasy.

3. Emphasise Its Splendour
Visagists have guessed one thing: your skin a natural glow after exercise. The key lies in controlling this natural splendour which otherwise trying to ‘draw’ with the help of brighteners and blush.


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