How to clean your home using essential oils this weekend


A lot of homes are filled with chemicals as a result of the cleaning agents they use? Most of these agents are filled with artificial chemicals that have not been tested for safety.  The effect of these harmful chemicals can be very hazardous to our health and our environment at large.

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Study shows that most of these household chemicals are associated with allergies, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, psychological disturbances and so forth.

It is safer to replace your chemical-laden cleaning agents with natural alternatives like essential oils. But be sure to do a patch test on a surface first.

Below are some natural oils you can use to clean your home

Shower scum & grime build-up

Essential oils needed: Lemon and tea tree

Wipe or spray your shower surfaces with a little water containing several drops of lemon oil. If done once or twice a month, this will help to prevent grime build-up!

Buy an empty spray bottle and fill with vinegar and a couple of spoon of tea tree oil. Use as a daily antibacterial cleaning spray for your shower and bath.


Essential Oils: Tea Tree, eucalyptus, thyme oil

Combine 2 cups hot water, ¼ cup washing soda and 10 drops of your choice of the above essential oils. Spray as needed and wipe away with a microfibre cloth.

To remove grease

Essential Oils: Lemon &orange

Combine ½ cup water, ½ cup vinegar, 1 Tbsp Castile and 10 drops of either above oils. Soak a sponge in this mixture and use light pressure to lift grease. Wipe away soapy residue with a warm damp cloth.

Floor Wash (do not use on timber flooring)

Required essential Oils: Tea Tree, eucalyptus, lemon &pine

Use a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and hot water and add 15 drops of any above oils. Mop and enjoy the bright, streak-free and fresh finish!

For your combs and makeup brushes

Essential Oils: Tea tree, lavender &eucalyptus

Combine ½ cup warm water, 1 tablespoon vinegar and 5 drops of any above oils in a jar. Soak brushes for 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Leave in the sun to dry out thoroughly.

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For windows

Ingredients: Lavender, Lemongrass

Combine 1:1 hot water and vinegar and add 10 drops of either oil listed above. Wipe over windows and use a ‘squeegee’ to remove the liquid. Use old newspaper to polish glass to a streak-free shine afterwards!

For antibacterial solution

Essential Oils: Lemon, Tea tree (also antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial), Lavender, Cinnamon

Soak dirty Tupperware in vinegar and a few drops of the above oils before rinsing through a hot cycle of the dishwasher.

Linen & Bedding

Essential Oils: Lavender, Eucalyptus (also fights dust mites)

Add a few drops of eucalyptus or lavender oil when washing quilts, mattress covers and pillows.

Stove & Cooktops

Essential Oils: Orange

Mix 10 drops of orange oil with ¼ cup castile soap to wipe down stovetops and counters. Wash clean with a little warm water.

Kitchen sink

Essential Oils: Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon, Orange (particularly if greasy),

Combine a ¼ cup of washing soda, ¼ cup baking soda and 10 drops of any of the above essential oils. Smear over sink surface and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing away with 1 cup vinegar and hot water.

Toilet bowl

Essential Oils: Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint

Combine 2 cups water, ¼ cup castile soap, 1 tablespoon tea tree oil and 10 drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil. Spread mixture over surface of inner toilet bowl and soak for 20 minutes. Lightly scrub with a toilet brush before flushing away the muck and leaving sparkly clean results!


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