Whether you simply want to enhance your natural eye shape or if you want to transform it completely, contouring your eyes is the way to go. Basically, it is the same principle as contouring your face: Light comes forward and dark recedes, and highlighter accentuates the features you want to stand out. Want to learn how to contour like the pros? Read on!

Prepping Your Peepers

The most common eye shapes include almond, round, hooded, down-turned eyes, small, close-set, wide-set, deep-set, monolid eyes and protruding. Before you get started on contouring, figure out what shape category your eyes fall under.

Primer is the first step and key to holding your eyeshadow in place, preventing creasing and enhancing pigment. In other words: Don’t skip this step!

Contouring Magic

Contouring can be done using a range of colour combination options from neutral tones to neon and glitters! Just keep in mind the general rules of highlighting and shadowing, and your eyes will be mesmerizing!

Monolid eyes

For the beauties with monolid eyes, create a gradient effect with your eyeshadows to add dimension. Apply darker colours close to the lash line, a soft neutral in the centre and a shinier or more shimmery tone near the brow.

Upturned eyes

Apply dark shadow or liner along the outer lower corner of the eye, thereby making the outer corner appear lower and balance out the eye shape. Continue on the lid with a medium-toned shadow, and then highlight your brow bone. You can also bring the shadow along the lower lash line to enlarge the shape. If you prefer to accentuate your upturned eye shape, add winged eyeliner.

Down-turned eyes

Apply a black or brown liner close to the upper lash line, and blend a neutral shadow across the lid, but only on the outer two-thirds of the eye. This creates a lifting effect.

Hooded eyes

To the girls with the hooded eyes, use medium to dark matte colours and dust them lightly (emphasis on lightly!) on the lid to avoid overwhelming the eye. Highlight the inner corner of your eyes and your brow bone. Make sure your brows are well-groomed to give you as much lid space as possible. With hooded eyes, you can also line the waterline to enhance your eye shape.

Round eyes

If you have round eyes, apply medium to dark shades over the centre of the eyes and use lighter shades to highlight the corners. In doing so, you narrow the overall shape of the eye. Eyeliner in the waterline can also narrow the shape a bit.

Almond eyes

If you have almond eyes, you have what many consider to be the ideal shape. You can try just about any look with your eye makeup. Try a classic contouring technique that involves washing the lid with a medium, matte brown or grey shade (not too dark) and working a darker shade into the outer crease to accentuate your almond shape and make it stand out. Blend the look well so your colour transition looks natural.

Small eyes

These eyes tend to be overwhelmed when you use dark colours, so stick with light to medium shades and avoid weighing down your lash line with too much liner or mascara. You can use a soft lighter shadow along the lower lash line to expand the eye area and give a smoky look depending on colour choice.

I recommend using softer versions of greys or bronzes. There are so many beautiful lighter versions of the smoky eye, and they can look just as sexy as the darker ones.

Large eyes

These pretty peepers provide more working space, so you can play around with a variety of looks. Medium to dark shades tend to look better, though, since light shades can make the eye look even larger than it already is.

Again, you may want to line your waterline, because lucky for you, it will only enhance your eyes. For large eyes, after applying your base, you can go with a shimmery shadow across the entire lid. Follow by contouring with a darker shade in the crease.



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