How to get clear eyesight with Vitamin C


How to get a clear eyesight with Vitamin C


You can now bank on oranges for good eyesight as recent research has proven that eating oranges could improve the eyesight.

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According to the outcome of the research, elderly people who ate fruit and vegetables high in vitamin C were a third less likely to develop cataracts. These foods include oranges, red and green peppers, strawberries, broccoli, and potatoes.

How to get a clear eyesight with Vitamin C

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Experts looked at the progression of cataracts in the eyes of 324 pairs of female twins, mainly in their 60s, over 10 years. And it was discovered that simple dietary changes such as increased intake of fruit and vegetables as part of a healthier diet could help protect them from cataracts.

How to get a clear eyesight with Vitamin C

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Participants who had a higher intake of vitamin C were associated with a 33 percent risk reduction of cataract progression after the 10 years. Cataract is a condition that occurs when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy and starts to affect one’s vision. But vitamin C can help prevent against this.

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It is believed that if the fluid in the eye that bathes the lens is high in vitamin C, it could help stop the lens from oxidising and protects it from becoming cloudy, which is why our vitamin C intake should be increased.

As a matter of fact, the human body cannot manufacture vitamin C, so we depend on vitamins in the food we eat. The research did not find a significantly reduced risk in people who took vitamin tablets, so it seems that a healthy diet is better than supplements.

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She concluded by saying the study was observational and did not prove cause and effect. People eating high levels of Vitamin C might have had an overall healthier diet, affecting their eyes.


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