How to get rid of tough stains from your cloths

Have you had to abandon that brand new dress you bought because of a stubborn stain that refused to go off? Well I have good news for you… Before you get rid of another dress, let me take you through some simple but very effective stain removing tips you can use in getting rid of even the toughest stains. This laundry expo will be equip with all you need to know to help keep your fabrics free from stains and save you costly trips to the dry cleaner’s.

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Removing a pen stain

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Pen stains can be a turn off, the way it leaves your cloth with all colours of ink stains. Washing them with detergents can seem futile. What you need to do is… first, get a large bowl, a quart of whole milk, and white distilled vinegar. Then put the fabric in the empty bowl and ensure it is completely submerged in the stain-removal mixture.

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Next, pour two parts milk into the bowl and follow with one part white distilled vinegar, while ensuring the mixture covers the stain completely. Let the mixture work its magic by soaking your fabric in it all through the night. The fabric should be as good as new by the time you wake up. You then toss the fabric into the laundry to get rid of the smell of vinegar.

Wine stain

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Photo credit: Shutterstock

For wine stains, grab a large bowl and fill it with 3 cups of warm water, 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide, and ½ cup of non-alkali dishwashing liquid, and put the fabric in it. If your cloth is made of a light fabric like satin or silk, pour salt on top of the stain first and leave it overnight in the bowl. When you wake up in the morning, toss the fabric in the laundry like you did with the ink-stained shirt and you are good to go.

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Sweat stain:

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Arrghh! Sweat stains can be very embarrassing, causing one to feel uncomfortable especially when you see appearances of yellow stains under the arm of your shirts, your favourite dress or around the collar of your clothes. . Here is something interesting to note: Sweat stains are in fact not caused by sweat, but rather it’s the result of a reaction between aluminum-based antiperspirants and your body.

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To get rid of sweat stains, you will need a large bowl filled with 1 cup of vinegar and two cups of warm water, immerse the fabric in the mixture and let it soak for at least 20mins. Then remove the fabric from the vinegar soaked water after 20mins, squeeze until it’s damp and dry


Food stains:

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Food stains are the easiest to get rid of. Even the most clueless man can find his way around it without fretting. It is important to note that for oil stains, throwing the fabric in the laundry right away without properly removing the stain will allow the stain to set in, leaving it well stained.

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To get rid of the stains you will need one of these items lying around your house: baby powder, talcum powder or corn starch. Lay the garment flat in a warm place overnight, then brush the powder off in the morning and toss in the laundry.

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  1. Wat abt a (Lali) stain..
    Lali is jst lik a chemical mostly hausas draws on dia hand or leg…aw can d stain remove from a cloth…


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