Nothing is more frustrating than having to throw away an item you really like (or at least stop wearing it) because it got so worn out that it simply looks like a rag, almost. The most important thing to do, if you care for your clothes (or some of them in particular) and would like to help them last for longer, is to take care with their washing. The less aggressively you wash them (and the rarer), the better it is for their long-term prospects.

But once the damage has been done and you clearly notice how the fabric of some clothes simply looks visibly ‘old’ or worn out, what can you do? Fear not, there are still ways to prolong the life of your favorite clothes a bit longer still, even after they reach this stage where you feel there may be no return. There’s always a bit more of a return, even if we can’t promise a complete turn-around.

1. Patch any holes or thinned out spots about to break


If the clothing item simply is damaged, the first step is to repair the damage, of course. Holes are the first ones that need to be patched (you can find cute models and pieces of fabric with cute drawings in stores, so you can patch everything up without it looking like a rag). Then, preventatively also patch up thinned out spots.

2. Use color-protective (or restoring) fabric conditioner


You wouldn’t believe how much of a difference such a conditioner can make, so give it a try as soon as you can, if you haven’t so far.

3. Consider dyeing the item


Especially in the case of jeans and dark colors, dyeing them after a long use can really instill a new life into them!

4. Refit it at a seamstress shop


If the clothing item is also too loose and simply doesn’t fit you as it used to, give it a little nip and tuck from someone professional. It will fit your body perfectly again in no time, and you’ll remember just why it used to be your favorite!

5. Cut or add pieces of it


This may be more of a drastic transformation, but cutting the worn-out sleeves of a shirt and cutting some well-chosen holes into it can transform it into a super-sexy DIY T-shirt with cut-outs, for example.



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