A nagging wife or partner is one who complains continuously. It isn’t a crime to complain when something doesn’t meet your taste or when you aren’t satisfied, but it is wrong to over- do it, when you complain to the extent that your better half begins to feel bad or upset, lady, you should take a break.

What women don’t realise is that men get easily hurt by words, their ego can be bruised very easily. When you nag, you make your man feel inferior, you may even compare him to other men and this my friend, is totally wrong. You do yourself of no good by nagging your man, some women have no chills. A man returns from a long day’s job and they have nothing to offer except a fresh list of complains, this is the mistake most women make.

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A good number of women are guilty of nagging, we must caution ourselves because a nagging woman drives her husband or man away. A man needs to be around a peace loving woman and not some human tsunami. If your man has weaknesses, if he has refused to meet up to his responsibilities, you don’t need to nag the life out of him, surely there are other ways to handle it.

For the men, if you have a nagging wife, the best thing to do is to ignore her. Trust me, nothing hurts a nag more than silence. I know this may sound difficult, especially when she begins to insult you, but you have to stay silent. When you ignore a nagging woman, your silence would reveal her foolishness and this would cause her to have a re-think.

When the atmosphere is lighter when the nagging demon has fled her, sit her down and be very blunt. This would work if you have been a good man who takes care of his woman and the family if you are the type that absconds with other women once your salary is paid, then this doesn’t concern you, you deserve that nagging wife.

It’s not a crime to tell her about your past doings, your sacrifices and your hard work, all for her and the family. Let her understand that you have not fulfilled your promises because of one reason or the other and finally, tell her how irritated her nagging makes you.

However, don’t ever leave the house for a bar or a club when your wife upsets you, who knows what Jezebel may be awaiting you?


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