How to know if you smell good when you can’t exactly smell yourself


Knowing whether you smell or not can be a difficult thing, as your nose automatically becomes accustomed to things it smells all the time, including your body odour. However, you can try a few ways to figure out if you’re a bit smelly, such as taking a whiff of your clothes after you pull them off or even asking someone you trust if you have body odour. If you do find you’re smelling a bit too much, work on improving your hygiene and finding other ways to decrease your body odour.

Checking out Your Scent

Take a deep whiff of coffee before smelling yourself. Coffee is such a strong, one-note scent that it gives your nose a reset. Grab a cup of coffee or even just coffee beans or grounds and take a few deep breaths through your nose. Then, try smelling your armpits or another smelly area of your body.


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Smell your clothes after removing them. Take your clothes off, and then go do something else for a bit. Go take a shower, watch TV, or read a book. Then, collect the clothes and give them the sniff test, especially around the pit area and anywhere you sweat profusely. If you find an unpleasant odour, that might be an indicator that you have a body odour problem that is leaching into your clothing.
Massage your scalp with your fingertips to get a hint of your body odour. Your scalp is one of the smelliest areas of your body because it sweats a lot. Bring your fingertips to your nose and inhale deeply through your nostrils to try to catch a whiff of your smell.
  • When you rub your fingertips in your scalp, you pick up more of the scent, which may be enough for you to smell when you hold it up to your nose.
Lick your arm to see how your breath is smelling. You can lick the back of your hand or a spot on your arm, then stick your nose up close to it see if you can get a whiff. The moistness will help you get a hint of the scent.
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Watch strangers’ and friends’ reactions. People aren’t typically subtle when it comes to body odour, particularly strangers who don’t necessarily have a reason to be nice to you. Notice how people react when they get close to you and listen for any comments they may say to other people. While people’s reactions can hurt, they can let you know if you have odours you need to take care of.


Practising Good Hygiene

Take a shower or bath every day. Bathing daily will help take care of any body odour you may have. Make sure to focus on particularly smelly areas, such as under your armpits and around your genital areas. Also, focus attention on your buttocks, making sure you get any fecal matter cleaned up.

Put on clean clothes every time you shower. Clothes can start smelling after just a single wearing, so it’s best to launder them each time. Plus, when you get out of the shower, putting on fresh clothes will help you feel nice and clean.
Brush your teeth for 2 minutes twice a day. When brushing, put a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on your brush. Angle your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your gum line. Go back and forth with your brush along your teeth, making sure you don’t rub too hard, as you can harm your gums.
Wipe well when you use the restroom. Not wiping well can lead to you being smelly. If you’ve just urinated, use a bit of toilet paper to dry off. If you’ve gone number 2, make sure to wipe until you’re completely clean. Wet wipes can help if you’re having issues staying clean.Freshen up during the day with a wet wipe. Use a baby wipe or other wet wipe meant for your skin to rub under your armpits, then reapply deodorant. Then, use another wet wipe on your groin area to keep it smelling fresh. If you’re a woman, wipe from front to back. If you’re guy, make sure to get under your penis.


Wash your hands every time you go to the bathroom. Use warm water and soap to scrub your hands thoroughly. Spend at least 20 seconds scrubbing and rinsing your hands to make sure they’re thoroughly clean.

Use deodorant at night and in the morning. Putting on deodorant before you go to bed is more effective than in the morning. Because your skin is drier overnight, it has a chance to sink in.

Try a hair perfume or a dry shampoo to keep your scalp from smelling. Washing your hair every day can dry it out, so it’s understandable if you want to avoid that. However, you can still get a little smelly before you wash again, so try spritzing a bit of hair perfume on between washings.
See a doctor if you have unexplained smells. If you’re showering daily and scrubbing well but still getting looks or comments about odour, you should see a doctor. You could have an underlying condition that needs to be taken care of, and your doctor can help diagnose it.


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