Did you ever happen to be at a wedding where some wedding guests were so dressed up they managed to outshine the bride (in both the good and the bad way)? Me thinks it’s a lil’ tacky.

Tomorrow is another day for weddings and whilst you want to look stunning, you need to do so without outshining the bride.

So let’s see a few tips and tricks on how to pull off a killer outfit and not steal the show.

How to Look Stunning Without Outshining the Bride

1. Learn About the Dress Code

Talk to the bride and learn if the wedding party is going to be a black tie event, a summer garden party, a glam urban party, a beach party and so on. If the main theme is casual chic, don’t go for a floor long shiny evening gown. If it is a black tie event, refrain from wearing your sequin ultra mini club dress.

2. Tone it Down a Notch

It is your right to wear statement designer heels and sexy outfits. But you should also dress to match the church ceremony and any type of formal or casual party that comes afterward. Take a shawl, a scarf or a cape to tone down a sexy dress if the situation requires.

3. Don’t Wear the Bride’s Color

If she chose to wear white, cream or ivory, pick another color for the ceremony and the party. Maybe the bride chose a particular color combination for her dress, so you’d better ask before showing off a white sparkling ball gown to rival with her bridal attire.

4. Careful with the Makeup

Just as you should pick an outfit to match the type and theme of the wedding, you should also manage your makeup carefully. You will draw the bad kind of attention if you show up at a mid-day semi-formal wedding party with glitzy makeup reserved only for clubs or fashion shows.

5. You are Not a Christmas tree

A little black dress will take you anywhere, but remember that no matter what you choose for a bridal party, your jewelry shouldn’t scream “cheap kitsch glam.” Statement jewelry, chunky necklaces, and stacked bracelets are more than welcome, but they should be worn with taste and measure.

Photo Credit: Weddingdigestnaija.com


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