How to make natural hair perfume at home!


Make your hair smell good by adding your favourite essential oils to a spray bottle and spray it on your hair. Homemade hair perfume is super easy to make and easy to use. You can use the essential oils of your choice or a combination of different oils to create your desired fragrance.

The essential oils and rose water not only adds fragrance to your hair, but it also makes it soft, shiny and protects it from the sun rays. The oils also help to nourish, moisturise and deeply repair the hair making your hair look healthy.

What you will need:

  • 2-oz spray bottle
  • 75 oz filtered water or rose water
  • 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel or jojoba oil or argan oil
  • 10+ drops essential oil blend – ( I used lavender and jasmine)
Beauty DIY: How to make natural hair perfume
Photo credit: theindianpost

Method – 

  1. Add the essential oil to aloe vera gel or carrier oil
  2. Mix up very well to create an emulsion.
  3. Add in the distilled water or rose water and shake well until well combined.
  4. Use a funnel and pour the mixture into the glass spray bottle.
  5. Shake well to mix up everything together.
  6. Your essential oil hair perfume is now ready to use.

Shake well and use a few sprays to mist your hair or make it part of your daily regime. Spray onto your hair and then brush through. It doesn’t matter if your hair is dry or wet before spraying on the perfume.

Caution – 

  • If you’re new to essential oils, please consult your physician before using any essential oil.
  • Some essential oils have a stronger scent than others, so start by adding a few drops, test out the spray and then add more as needed.
  • Do not spray near your face especially the eyes.



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